Cataline - 24
Dildo Dare

Dildo Dare


Well, in case many of you were wondering if the cute female clerk noticed the answer was yes. She did email me and told me how much she loved all of my dares and how much she liked seeing me with the toy she sold me last visit. She also said that if I came down before opening the next day she's have a freebie for me. Being curious and turned on I did go to her store the next day and knocked on the door where she unlocked it and greeted me with a smile and again told me how much she loved my dares. We talked a bit and then she showed me this dildo that you see in the pictures. She told me I could have it free if I used it in front of her. She explained that she is bi and likes girls and that her boyfriend loves hearing about anything wild that happens during her day. She said that not much usually does but if it does it makes for great sex for them that evening. Well the whole propsal was enough to have me turning red and wet at the same time. I agreed and we went to the back room where she handed the dildo to me and aske dme to get fully naked which I did. It was really strange at first being naked and trying to put a dildo in my pussy in front of her but after a bit I was really into it. I put it in and out of me faster and faster and giving her a show she was loving. She was right next to me biting her lower lip and she had one hand on her nipples. As I was about to cum she reached out to pinch my nipple and masage my clit which brought me over the edge. Then I got dressed and took the dildo and thanked her. She gave me a big kiss on the mouth and told me she'd be in touch. When I got home I had to use it again I was so turned on. I hope you guys liked my dare. Let me know.

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