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A co-worker of mine came across this site a few months ago. He knows how open and sexual I can be, so he suggested I check it out. If I liked it, he would give me a dare.

It took about a month of him reminding me to look at it, mostly because I wasn't about to pull it up on my work computer, but I finally visited the site. The next day, I sent him an e-mail saying yes, I would post...just dare me.

He decided to start off tame and told me all he wanted was a photo of me in mid-orgasm. Well, since that's something I do fairly often, it wasn't hard to get a photograph.

My husband decided the photo needed to be of me orgasming from masturbation. He told me to choose three toys and he was planning to have me play with each in turn, bringing myself each time. I put a twist on his choice and opted to use all three toys at once - the vibe went in my ass first, then a nice acrylic dildo fucked my pussy while a bullet stimulated my clit. Between the three, I had a massive orgasm. Practically curled my toes.

My co-worker plans to continue sending me dares to post and I'm sure my husband has some ideas as well, but I'm always open for new experiences. Have a dare you want to send me? E-mail me at I only have two rules - nothing that will definitely get me arrested and nothing done at work. Hope you enjoy my pics!

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