Dare Lovers

Dare Lovers


I and my girlfriend have been dating for over 3.5 years. I first saw your site a few months after that, and after our relationship moved to the intimate level, and we were comfortable with each other, I introduced her to your site. She was pretty excited, and we would often look through the site and read about people's experiences. Then later, we would fantasize about those things while we were in the act. I know, silly, but hey thats how it actually went.

So, last summer we decided to take a backpacking trip to Portugal and Spain. While we were thinking of what we are gonna do there, an awesome idea struck me! It was time to give my girlfriend her first nude dare for "Truth or Dare Pics". I wasnt sure how far she would be ok with going. So this first dare was easy. "We are in Europe, you have to be naked, in front of someone, and NO nude beaches don't count". On the last day we went to this huge party that we found out about from some of the other guys at the hostel we were staying at. The party was great and we had a lot of fun, for the first time, my super conservative girlfriend was letting herself go a little. There was a lot of kissing and groping between us at the party, and when we got back to our hostel, she was horny! BTW, I should mention here that we we living in a 12 bed mixed dorm room, and there were only 2 females, one of whom was my girlfriend. So as we get in, guess what she says to me, "Babe, time for me to win the dare." As I watch wide eyed, she starts unhooking the corset top, in the middle of the room, takes it off completely and puts it on the top bunk of our bed. Thats when I took the picture. I thought she was gonna grab a tee and put it on. But no!!! She decided to rub my dare in my face. She proceeded to remove her heels, took the faux leather skirt she was wearing off,right there in the middle of the room. She was wearing a black thong underneath. As I look around, EVERY SINGLE PERSON in that room at the time, about 4-5 guys and the other girl, are all staring at her. A couple of them are laughing. My girlfriend looked at me, gave me a wicked grin, mouthed "I win" grabbed her toothbrush from her bag, turned around, facing the entire room, and in her thong, walked into the attached bathroom to brush her teeth. I am sitting there in my jeans, with one of the hardest erections I have ever gotten. A good 10 minutes later, she comes back out of the bathroom, obviously still just in her thong, walks back to the bed, grabs a nightshirt from her bag, slips it on, and jumps into my bed. Lets just say, we fulfilled 2 fantasies that night: being naked in public, and having sex with a room full of people around. The sex though was after the lights went out and hence nobody could see us. However, with how horny she made me, we were loud, so they sure heard us.

Anyway, after that, the rest of the trip was insane! She had loved the attention and the stares and we definitely got a couple more stories for the site, with pictures. Anyway, those will come later based on the feedback on this story. We would love to hear some feedback, on the story and on the pictures.

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