Picture Of My Wife

Picture Of My Wife

One of my favorite memories about my wife Donna was before we were married, she joined us on a family vacation. Being around my mom, dad and siblings all day gave us little chance to be "with" each other in a way that we were used to, which seemed to make both of us very horny.

By about day four of the trip, we checked into a hotel in Columbia, Mo., and we headed off to the hot tub/pool just to kind of get away. Seeing her in her bikini was getting me rock hard and by the time we got into the hot tub, my nuts were about ready to explode.

Donna must have been feeling the same because she sat close and starting running her hands slowly down the inside of my leg and above my stomach. Finally, she made a brisk move and reached inside my swim trunks and took a firm hold of my raging boner and gently squeezed it. I then had my hand around her back and was cupping her ass, squeezing it and pulling her in to me every time she gave my cock a tug.

Trying not to be too obvious (we were in a Holi-dome area where everyone could look out their hotel window to the pool and hot tub), I slipped one step deeper down in the tub and she slinked over onto my lap. Apparently feeling my cock poking into her bikini bottoms, she and freed it from my trunks. By this point, I didn't care who was watching and slid her bikini to one side and started pressing the head of my cock into her pussy/ass area (I had no idea under water).

As anyone who's actually had sex in a hot tub knows, it's not that easy -- especially when you're trying to keep it on the down low. I made several stimulating, but ultimately frustrating presses into her body, but could not gain entry.

Finally, Donna took over and leaned forward a bit, angling her pussy over my cock and then started to sit down on my stiffy. It still didn't go easy, but she was finally able to sit all the way down and take my entire cock inside her. I almost came immediately, but was able to hold on.

Now that I was where I wanted to be, I tried to thrust without making a big scene and man, was that tough. There were only a few other people over at the pool, so I wasn't too worried about getting caught, but who knew how many people could've seen throught the windows.

I was inside Donna for a couple of minutes when, shit, I could see my whole family coming toward the pool area. She saw them too and gracefully swam off my cock like she was just trying to get to the other side. As they made dinner plans, all I could do was set there with a woody.

Being the great girl that she is, Donna didn't forget about me. After going out to eat with my family, she decided that we should go out for drinks in the hotel bar while my family planned to turn in early. We did, and after our first beer, she revealed to me that under her little blue polka-dotted sun dress, she was wearing no panties and no bra.

"Check, please!" was my response. We made our way to the parking lot as we had the keys to the family van. Within seconds of getting through the door, I had my shorts down to my knees and was buried balls-deep in her pussy while she laid on the back seat that folded down into a bed. Within a few minutes, an monsterous orgasm came upon me and I was barely able to pull out in time (not sure that I did). She was on no birth control, so I pulled my cock out as quickly as I could and was blowing my load all over her pussy, dress and (unfortunately) the seat of the van. There was some hurried clean-up involved, but damn, it was well worth it. - Danny



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