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Amateur Erotic Photos

Amateur Erotic Photos


My wife has never been one to try any type of dare or do anything risky in public no matter how much I begged her to. One day she came up to me and said that she would try some nice nudes if we ever went on vacation. Well, a year goes by and we found ourselves on vacation and I reminded her of what she said, to which she nodded and smiled. As we were driving we found this nice beautiful spot and decided to take them there. It was nice and quiet with nobody around so she felt comfortable.

I took out the camera and thought she would just show me her bra or panties but she actually took everything of as easily as if she was at home. Then she smiled at me and started to pose. I was in shock but didn't miss the opportunity. We took several good pics of which these are the best. Afterwards she shocked me again by lying down on the ground, spreading her legs and started fingering herself. I came close as she smiled at me again and showed me how wet she was. She was SOAKED! I was also hard. I just watched her masterbate while she got closer and closer to orgasm with her eyes closed making noise and not caring about anything. She was getting loud and I wondered what would happen if someone heard and came by. She just told me that whoever it was could finish her off with his hard cock!!

I almost came on the spot. I have never heard her talk like that before. I got on top of her and she pulled me in and came instantly with me a few seconds behind. After we got dressed and were in the car she said she wasn't serious about letting someone else touch her but then smiled and said, maybe one day. She wants to see the reaction we get on her pics as it was her first time doing something like that. Feel free to write us.

dumnryan @ yahoo.com

Amateur Erotic Photos

Amateur Erotic Photos

Amateur Erotic Photos



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