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Tonight my wife and I discovered your website and started browsing fervently. We found it on a whim with no expectations of what was to come (no pun intended) later. We popped open a bottle of champagne, the first time a bottle actually popped open for us, and continued to enjoy the stories. To my surprise, my wife admitted she was getting very turned on the more and more we read the stories others had submitted. Of course, I was experiencing the same. My wife was wearing a skirt with a pair of her lacy red thongs underneath. All the better for me to have some fun with her. We started fooling around while still opening more of your stories while I read them aloud. Soon enough she asked me to keep reading and started giving me a blow job. More and more stories were read but I couldn't help myself, so I put the laptop on the floor and returned the favor. Her legs were tensing up and toes were curling but I wasn't done yet. Right there on our living room couch we were making love to each other. I wanted to make sure she came before me so I pulled out and started licking her clit and fingering her until she came hard; body shudders and all. After that I wanted mine, of course. Sex continued till eventual climax ensued. Attached are two pictures. First is of her immediately after sex tonight, with my cum still coming out of her. Second is of her tits, in all their glory. Hope all your readers enjoy our story as we enjoyed theirs. This is her very first time having any naked pictures posted anywhere. Please post so us and others can have some new thrills! Also you can post the email: S and J - Diverwife1207 @



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