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Fantasy Wife

Sexy Wife in See Thru Thong Bikini


From Husband:
My wife and I went to the Caribbean for our honeymoon and spent our time along the beaches. Needless to say, we also had some "interesting" experiences:

One day, my wife and I spent the afternoon in a swim-up-bar pool. This wouldn't have been much different than the other days we did this, however, my wife was wearing the pink shear-when-wet bikini top that I had bought her. Thankfully she didn't know quite how shear the top would be when wet or else she might not have worn it! Anyways, while we were at the pool we were casually watching the other couples. We spotted one couple with all-inclusive wrist bands and I decided to try and get them to give us some free drinks while my wife sat on the pool steps with her breasts nicely showing through her top. The couple turned out to be really friendly and it wasn't long before the woman invited my wife over and the two of us shared free drinks with our new friends. The man was obviously into my wife and got her any drink she wanted from the menu, making sure to keep it full, while I tried to share my wife's drink and would only occasionally get my own when either of the couple would remember me.

After sometime into all of the drinks, both my wife and I were drunk and started to take more notice of another couple. By this time, our double date had turned into the man, my wife, and myself all conversing by the side of the pool. In my drunkenness, I kept trying to fully expose my wife's breasts to this man, but she wouldn't let me. The man kept saying that he didn't need to see them since he had seen lots of breasts in his life, but he obviously did want to see them and touch them. Being a good husband, however, he kept his restrain since his wife didn't seem as into the idea. Anyways, back to this other couple that we were noticing: the pair were somewhat older and the woman had on a very skimpy thong bikini that we believe was also see through if you could get past the pattern. At one point, the three of us noticed her talking and hugging up to our friend's wife from behind. This was apparently a turn on for our friend, and we all swam over to where the action was taking place at the bar. The new woman was very large breasted and extremely drunk. We were all trying to figure out if her breasts were real or not and my wife decided to ask. When she went up to her and asked how big her breasts were, the woman replied: size F. My wife asked if they were real and the woman said yes, exposing her breast for my wife to feel for confirmation. My wife had never touched another woman before and she was quite hesitant about it, but with the alcohol she was able to do it, but could not make any conclusions as to the nature of the woman's breasts. Then things got a little crazy, and the woman actually felt my wife's breasts and they actually sucked on each other's nipples. The woman also had my wife expose her breasts to her husband. This craziness ended our time at the pool and we went back to our room for sex!

The next day, we woke up with the haze of our drunken memories. While my wife decided that doing anything with another woman wasn't her thing, the whole experience was still a fun crazy time that we wanted to share with everyone. We had also hoped that either husband would have had the courage to do something with my wife's breasts at the pool! Those of you who have seen our first post know that it is a fantasy of my wife's to have her breasts touched by another man.

From Fantasy Wife:
Another day, the two of us spent a lot of time in the ocean. I wore a number of different bathing suits during our honeymoon, including two different thong bottoms: one white and one black. Multiple times my husband and I walked up and down the beach while I was wearing one of the thongs. Once when we were frisky, I actually took my top off while in the ocean riding my husband from the front. It was very exhilarating! I also had a white swim suit that was see through, both top and bottom when it was wet. I also wore this one a number of times while at the beach. I was a little too afraid to do anything else at the pool since I didn't want to get kicked out.


One time my husband and I were renting snorkel gear from the outdoor rental place right at the beach. I was wearing my white thong with an orange frilly triangle bikini. There happened to be an island security guard at the window and I was little unsure if he would be upset that I was wearing a thong. (This was supposed to be a family friendly beach.) Yet not only did he not care about me wearing the thong, he actually enjoyed it! Multiple times he moved away from the wall that he was leaning up against just to check me out from behind. I made sure not to let him know that I was noticing and just let it happen.


During a more adventurous day, my husband and I went down near the end of the beach rooms for some privacy to lie out. These rooms were being remodeled and guests hardly traveled that far down the beach by the rooms. We took this opportunity for me to tan topless. Again, I was really nervous and covered up anytime someone came close. At one point, one of the workers came out and walked by. I heard him yell "boobies!" to his friends when he went back to work. The sun was really hot that day as well and my husband and I joked around that we would trade some breast groping for a cold beer. Eventually, my husband got up to find a bathroom and I stayed lying out on the beach chair with my top off.

After he left, I noticed that I couldn't hear and tools working over in the beach rooms. When I glanced over, I noticed the silhouette of a man through one of the building's windows. That made me really nervous! When I looked again, he was still there and he didn't move even though I kept looking in his direction. It was too dark in the room for me to see him clearly, I just knew he was there. When my husband came back, the tools started up again and I told him about the guy in the window. Later on, my husband left again and the same thing happened.

When we finally left that day, we caught a ride back to our room on one of the beach shuttle carts. We sat on the back facing the rear and when the cart drove away about 5 or 6 workers came out on the back of the buildings balcony and cheered and waved at me as we drove away. I was slightly embarrassed at first, but mostly flattered. My husband and I both wished that we had thought of some reason to get off the cart discreetly and use the opportunity for me to get some breast groping!


The pictures show off some of the bikinis that I wore at the beach, including the pink one from the pool. The pink top was a lot more see through when fully soaked. It was practically falling off of me at the pool as well! Also, these pictures were a little dare in and of themselves since they were taken in our backyard which has a fence on only one side and neighbors on all. Enjoy!

Please respond with your comments or dares addressed to my wife at: shortskirtlongjacket1 @

Fantasy Wife

Fantasy Wife

Fantasy Wife

Fantasy Wife

Fantasy Wife



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