Good Girl
good girl

Good Girl


So there's this girl (no names) we've been fooling around for the last couple years when we both find each other in the same town, I actually met her through my buddy back in high school when she was a good innocent girl, wow how that has changed, since we don't frequently get the opportunity to be together (we both go to different collages) we play truth or dare through text message frequently.

But the last time we were both on break at the same time we decided to have some fun, she had never been much into bondage but really wanted to try a little so she asked me for help and what could i do but agree, so we had to find a place to have our fun but since we were both back in our home town for the weekend each of us had too much family around to get any privacy, luckily my grandparents decided to take off for the weekend and leave me the keys to the house to take care of the plants and pets, well it was like a sign from above. We had made the plans and decided that she would get there and without even seeing each other first she would go upstairs to the empty bedroom strip down blindfold herself, put her vibrator in her mouth and wait for me, she did as she was told and i wasted no time in using home mode bonds made of zipties to bind her hands and ankles, i even made a homemade spreaderbar to keep her in place, we used several positions and several toys, including ice and clothes pins my favorite was having her tied to the door with a vibrator buried deep in her pussy, while I sucked on her tits, ( she loves that).

she finally gave me permission to post a few of her text pictures on any site of my choosing and I automatically picked yours, here's a few of her playing with her clit and the ben wa balls a gave her, i hope that soon she'll give me permission to post some more of the pics from our little bondage adventure.

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good girl

good girl



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