Hotel Dare

Hotel Dare

My wife has really opened up sexually the past few years. There was one specific point where things really turned around for us.

To give a little background, we are in our late 30's, two kids, and typical home, marriage, etc etc.. I surf the internet and my wife had/has no interest in doing the same. She is at a computer all day so has no desire to get back on when she gets home from work. She is totally fine with me checking out the truthordarepics page.

About 2 years ago, I started reading this site. I saw lots of stuff I was interested in and enjoyed reading the different posts. My wife didn't care if I read them but she didn't care about reading them. Actully, reading the posts let me see how really bored I was of our sex life. I started asking my wife questions about her past and really found out nothing new.

To get to the point, the turning point happend about 3 months ago, we planned a trip to "the City" to see a baseball game. The trip was a good 3-4 hour drive. I had read a couple posts on masterbating with your GF or spouse. Masterbating is one thing we never talked about or even knew the other one did. Anyway, I came up with a plan to totally surprise her on the way to the game. I had no clue how she would react, but I was determined to try something out of the NORM. We took off and I asked my wife to drive and I would switch with her an hour or so down the road. As soon as we left our city limits, I climbed out of the front seat of our family van (told you we are just normal plain janes) and had my clothes off in the back seat. I sat back and started stroking my already hard cock. My wife looked in the mirror and said with a big smile, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? COME UP HERE SO I CAN SUCK YOUR COCK! That by itself was DIFFERENT. I told her no, she just had to keep driving and watch me jack off for her. I kept playing and stroking she kept the big smile on her face. She finally said HURRY UP and shoot your wad. I took my time but finally shot my load. No sooner had I finished, she pulled the van over and hopped out. I was cleaning up my mess when the side door opened. She was already out of her shirt as she climbed in. I finished getting dressed and climbed into the drivers seat. She was totally naked and working over her pussy like a wild woman. As I looked back in the mirror, she was using a water bottle as a dildo with one hand and her fingers working over her clit with the other. It only took her a couple minutes to orgasm, but it was fantastic to see.

She asked me what made me decide to do that. I asked if she was surprised and she just laughed and said, What do you think? When we arrived in the CITY, we got our hotel room and had some really hot sex. It's been GREAT ever since. Since that time, it is like a door has opened for us. I asked, and found out things I never knew. Lots of secrets that she thought I wouldn't understand about her, like masterbating, dreams, thoughts, fantasies. It has been great.

I have one major regret, it is, that I didn't do this sooner! The changes are incredible. That same weekend, I asked her to play truth or dare with me and we ended up doing all sorts of stuff. But the best was when I dared her to go out naked and get some ice from the hotel ice machine. We negotiated it down to her being topless and it was such a thrill for us both. I took some pics and will send you one soon. Also, a couple weeks ago, I read a page on here asking about how many orgasms have you had in one day. I asked her and she said two or three. Well, that Sunday, she had 4. Last weekend, I woke up to my wife and her vibrator next to me on the bed. She had three O's that day. This is a total 180 degree turn for her. She is always giving me hand jobs and blow jobs or hanging her big boobs in my face as she walks by if I am watching TV. She even enjoys sucking her pussy juice off my cock when we have sex. What a turn on, her asking me to pull out and bring my cock up to her face so she can suck her pussy juice off.

She has also started wearing some very revealing tops. I love it. She has flashed me at a number of public events inclucing a major league baseball game. That was the turning point for us. I'm glad I decided to try something new. I wonder if anyone else has experienced anything similar. - Ian


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