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We are new to doing anything online this being our first post so ill give u a quick background. a few months ago i met this sexy girl that happens to be a few years younger and we have turned into amazing friends with benefits. this girl is amazing up for almost anything horny every time we get together. so we were texting during the Superbowl and she asked if i wanted to make a bet her being a huge pit fan and me liking green bay for three sexual favors to the winner well as most of you know green bay won. so as my first favor i told her i wanted her to write about the time the week before where she gave me a hand job in a movie theater and for us to post a couple pictures. here is what she sent me.

HER- Settling into our seats in the back corner of the theater I was teeming with anticipation, the possibility of discovery adding to my arousal. As the lights dimmed we got started, as we made out an old creeper started staring so we held off until he got more interested in the movie. Silently unzipping, I slipped my hand over the hard mass that longed to be played with. Slowly at first and then faster I worked him to his peak when an employee chose that exact moment to sit in the row where we were sitting. Undeterred by the interruption we began anew after the employee left. This time with more persistency I clutched his dick and pumped to the sound of a high speed chase. Soon after his climax was reached the same employee from before sat down in the same spot. Luckily we had finished by then and i could only laugh at how oblivious the theater was to everything going on around them.

HIM - She is amazing right? well we are really interested to know what everyone thinks. We would really like responses from you all that maybe have some idea how to use my other two favors. Maybe exchange pics or video chat. I hope to hear back from lots of you so we can try and get jackie to post again.

jeffandjackietord @ live.com





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