Jaymie - 1

Fitness MILF


It has been awhile, but the time away has been amazing. After our first post, the responses we received turned Jaymie on something fierce.

As a matter of fact, after saving up many emails, I had her read about 20 of them at once while we were driving across Northern Indiana. About halfway through the responses and photos, she removed her pants and starting rubbing her clit. By the time we were done, she had her legs spread on our SUVs dashboard and her head thrown back as I brought her to multiple orgasms driving down the highway to the delight of several truck drivers I am sure. No photos but wonderful memories.

Of the many emails and photos we received, we both loved looking at photos of other sets of "lips".

This set of photos are focused on her chest. Although obviously not everything is naturally hers, she has worked very hard for the rest of her amazing body.

After the last post we have discussed at length the possibility of bringing a second female into our sex lives. The thought of another woman sucking on her nips and clit are instant turn ons and bring her to quick orgasms just thinking about the possibility. Any takers?

We would love any comments regarding Jaymie's body.

John and Jaymie

4pinklips @ gmail.com




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