Story with Pics


And a big hi from both of us to all the todp readers. We have a few pics of me along with an experience that happened to us (me) last week.

There was one girl that I met at a party. I will call her Olivia. She was a fiery thing; slim but very curvy, large breasts and round ass, natural red hair, big green eyes, a wide beautiful smile, and fair skin. We drunkenly made out, at first because of a dare from my boyfriend as truth or dare seemed to be popular that night. That's as far as we went though. The next day we all met for lunch and Olivia and I started talking about what happened and laughed it off.

I guess we were both what some would call "bi-curious." We decided to experiment a little. We went back to my place and lay on my bed together, running our fingers over each other's skin, slowly peeling off each others' clothes. We talked about sex with men, things we liked, specific things our boyfriends had done for us, attractive things about men. We also talked about our bodies, what we liked, how we liked to be touched, how we liked our orgasms. I told her that I enjoyed getting built up several times and then having one large, final orgasm, and she told me she enjoyed having several orgasms in a session. Her record was eleven in one hour.

She asked me about my boyfriend, and while I was talking she seemed to get turned on and started to massage my breasts, very slowly. So I shifted a bit, and started telling her what I thought he might do to me if he was here. She said teasingly, "I'll do it even better." She took my breast into her hand and covered my nipple with her mouth, suckling it gently. I sighed and started a little bit, feeling my nipple grow erect in her mouth, feeling my body react when her tongue grazed the most sensitive points. I reached down until I could cup her breasts; I pinched her nipples with each of my hands, pulling on them to bring her body closer to mine. Then I told her to do to my nipples what she would want me to do to her clit. So she did, swirling her beautiful tongue around and across my nipple. I pushed her onto her back, held her breasts gently, and ran my tongue in various patterns across her nipples. I whispered in her ear that if she was open with me, I would be kind to her. I then grazed my nipples along her breasts, kissed down her stomach, kissed the small tuft of red hair she had left unshaved right over her pussy, and gently spread her legs, kissing and touching the inside of her thighs. This was the first time I had seen another girl like this in real life, other than myself in a mirror. She looked down at me expectantly. I really wanted to make her cum without her help. I went very slow. I kissed her outer lips slowly, from bottom up, and lightly licked my tongue up and down. I felt her twitch each time I grazed the small bit of her clit that poked out. I pushed her legs open further; I tried to imagine what I would like if HE were trying to make ME wet. So I did just that. I traced my tongue gently over her inner lips, her crevices, barely grazing her clit. She started to squirm and gasp, and I could see her juices flowing out, her pussy turning pinker. So I reached my tongue between her lips and lapped lightly at her juices; a couple times I lapped up to her clit and pulled away quickly, to tease her. She squirmed. I stuck my tongue inside of her, lapping up her juices. She finally begged me to give attention to her clit. So I let my tongue go flat and run gently, flexibly over her vulva and clitorus. She squirmed more and more as I left my tongue there swirling, softly and wetly, slowly lapping. She circled her hips and told me it felt amazing. I kept my tongue there and then began to tease her entrance with my fingers. She liked it. I slowly went in, and slowly finger-fucked her while I still licked her clit. She gasped, and said this was different, in a good way. I decided to search for her g-spot, and felt her buck when I found it. "It's too much," she said, so I stopped and was content to simply taste her. She was delicious. She started telling me she couldn't hold it much longer; she was going to cum very soon. I was surprised, but I didn't say anything so as not to interrupt her pleasure. She started squirming way to much, saying she was so close, so I reached up to hold down her arms. She grasped my wrists, bucking wildly, and then she moaned and whined in orgasm for what must have been fifteen or twenty seconds. When she came down, I kept licking. She gasped and said, "Oh god no way" and starting bucking again. I loved how delicate she felt in my grasp, the gorgeous landscape of her curvy body, the vulnerable, whining looking on her face. It wasn't long before she came again. I licked her vulva up and down, slowly, her juices all over my face, while her pussy pulsed against my mouth in post-orgasm content. At that moment I wanted nothing more than a cock in my pussy. This was amazing don't get me wrong but nothing replaced a hard cock and I was aching for it.

As she came down I nuzzled up next to her, stroking her skin and her breasts, and she smiled at me with her rosy happy cheeks, and told me how great that had been. She told me it was very different, because I knew how to please a woman the way I would have pleased myself. I told her I was happy, because this was my first time going down on a woman. I had never thought of this before, though; my breasts were more average, a B cup, but hers were an incredibly well-shaped C. She told me that my breasts are fantastic and SHE really wanted to play with them, and started tickling them and making me giggle. We kissed and ran our fingers over each other's skin; I could tell she was trying to return my favor, but I wanted to explore each other's bodies more. At one point I made her get on her hands and knees and I squeezed her round ass, and I got her to let me fingerfuck her from behind while she played with her ass. She asked me if I was in to ass-play, and I said it was something I could only get into occassionally. She admitted that she loved anal, but not any more than regular sex.

She then climbed on top of me and said it was her turn to play. She mashed her breasts against mine, held her own nipples and used them to tease mine. I LOVED it. In fact, I just need to interject really quickly that playing with breasts on two women rather than one makes the entire thing MUCH more fun; you can rub them against each other, bounce them around, it's super great. I reached over to my toy box to retrieve my dildo and said she could use it if she liked. She did like. She reached down to feel my pussy, felt how wet it was, and lightly massaged me. Her fingers ran up and down my slit, and I LOVED the new sensation brought by her slender fingers. She held my face close to her while she fingered me, kissing my neck, face and collar bone. I started to gasp; then, to my surprise, she put the dildo in my mouth.

"Have you done a sixty-nine before?"

I nodded. She told me she loved the sensation of cumming while she had a cock in her mouth. This was new, but I nodded that I would try, and I let her put it in my mouth.

Just then I heard keys in the front door, and she was startled. I said "It's my boyfriend," but the dildo was down my throat so it sounded like "Imfff mmm bffffnnn!" She reached to take it out of my mouth, but by then my boyfriend had appeared in the door. Looking a bit surprised, he said "Hi there." I said hello in return, and he told me he would go downstairs to the rec room. When he walked away I turned to her and whispered, "Would you like him to join?" She squinched her large eyes and said, "You know what, why not?" So I called his name, and he came into the room looking like the smuggest, happiest man alive. I introduced them.

She continued to pet me slowly while he lay down behind me and started to kiss my neck. I could feel his hardness against my back, so I asked him why didn't he show Olivia his dick? So he got on his knees, unzipped his pants and showed it to her. She smiled and licked it a few times, then bent down to lick my pussy once - slowly, deliciously - before saying, "I think she really needs something inside her," in such a seductive manner, it left the two of us stammering for a full two seconds. He didn't even take his clothes off, just pulled his pants down a little and went right inside me. I moaned - I was being overpowered, stuck between him fucking me from behind and her petting my pussy from the front. She pressed herself into me, our breasts squished together, our lips locked, as her fingers pet and pet and pet; he pressed his back against me and buried his face between my neck and shoulder. When I started squirming, my boyfriend said, "Don't let her cum yet." I slapped at him and teasingly said that he was being bossy. But Olivia lay a finger against my lips and gently said "Shhhhh." I was mesmerized by how attractive she looked. My boyfriend laughed and so did she. It was an awesome feeling, being dominated and pushed around by two people. He then put his arms around me, swept me up and positioned himself and me on top of her, then started fucking me on my hands and knees. I kissed her passionately, breathing intensely with the sensation brought about by being fucked hard. She hugged me, and said in my ear that it was really sexy to watch me get this hot and bothered while the two of us pinned her down. He raised himself up to take off his shirt, then put a hand against my back and pushed us girls together, telling us that our tits looked amazing.

I knew that he would never ask her without my permission, so I whispered in her ear, "I think you want to be fucked too, don't you?" and she whined yes. I turned around and told him that she needed him to fuck her pussy. Taking his cue, he took a bit more liberty and said, "Mmm, I think she needs to taste me first." She smiled yes and sat up. He pulled out of me and put himself in her mouth. I sat behind her and swept back her long, beautiful red hair to expose her skin. I held her close to my body, taking her breasts in my hands, and put my mouth close to her ear. "Can you taste my pussy on his cock?" She sighed and mumbled "Mmhmm," and I began to kiss and suckle her neck and shoulders, tracing my fingertips across her skin, nipples, and collar bone, feeling her back pressed up against my chest, her long hair tickling my skin. I then looked up at my boyfriend and said, "Did you know she likes to be gagged while she comes?" He grinned and bit his lip, and said that no, he hadn't known that. "Will you be a good girl, and let him dominate you a little?" I whispered to her. She whimpered and said "Mmhmm," and I stuck my finger in my mouth to gather spit, and ran it gently across her little clit. She whined, and his dick perked up a little harder. He gently held onto her head as he went down her throat. She moaned and closed her lips around him, slowly sucking up and and down, moving her hips in rhythm while I massaged her clit. "Olivia!" I exclaimed happily. Her face turned very pink as he began to face-fuck her, and as I dipped my finger into her juices and ran it over her clit again and again. Finally I heard her moan and had him push himself all the way in as she came against my finger. She sighed and panted and "tried" to get away from us. But we didn't let her, and we laughed as she "struggled" against us. He continued to gag her and she wriggled and squirmed, but we held her down until she came one more time. This time it really was enough, and we let her mouth and clit take a break. He then put his hand on my head and guided me to his cock, where I began to slowly suck. He held her head too, close to his balls, where she helped me out. So there we were, the two of us on our hands and knees, licking and loving him. I looked up at him, and in that moment of eye contact I could tell how much he loved the feeling of holding power over two beautiful women fawning over his member, the feeling of gently holding their heads while they gave him pleasure. I knew he wouldn't ever forget this.

I finally pulled off and pushed Olivia onto her back. "It's time for you to get fucked," I said. She giggled shyly. He grabbed her hips and said, "Let's turn you over." So she got on all fours and displayed her amazing ass for us to see. He ran his cock first against the skin on her ass, then teased it up and down against her pussy, coating his dick with her wetness. He watched her squirm, felt her juices, as he went in. Then he grabbed her hips and started fucking her from behind, really fast. To his surprise, she was able to keep up, moving in rhythm with him as he fucked her. "Damn," he said under his breath. I, too, was impressed. She grabbed my arm and pulled me down, scooting me under her. I put my arms around her neck, spread my legs and hugged her waist with my knees, kissing her. He groaned in pleasure and told me he could see my pussy. I felt something warm, and let out a little yelp before I realized she had stuck a finger inside of me. Then she began fingering me - while he was pounding her into the bed.

It was pretty damn good -- my boyfriend and I, again, were surprised and turned on by how well she could move her body against his dick and pleasure me at the same time. It was sensational to say the least! I looked at her face. It was bright red, and she was breathing heavily from getting fucked. She leaned forward and pressed her cheek against mine, breathing, "Tell me when you're close." I nodded. I reached around and grabbed her ass, and heard my boyfriend yell, "Yeah! Bounce it!" I bounced her ass up and down on his dick while he sat back. Olivia kissed my forehead and then locked my lips, wouldn't let me up for air. I started panting and whispered to her that I was close. And just like that she took her finger away, stuck it in her mouth, and smiled. "Not...yet," she said. Mind you she was still getting hammered pretty hard. He eventually leaned back all the way onto his back, until she was riding him reverse cowboy. At this point, she promptly swirled around so that she was facing him, and could give him a little devious look. And this was when she really went crazy. She rode his cock like a pro, curving her hips and dancing, really. It was beautiful to watch. My boyfriend and I were both struck dumb by how graceful and attractive she was. Fiery. In control. And she knew she was at her best; she made dirty comments and flashed us these heart-meltingly attractive winks and lip-bites. She was so hot, I felt an inexplicable urge to please her. It was then that my boyfriend said he was getting close, and Olivia asked him not to cum inside of her because she wasn't on birth control. So they pulled me onto my back and let my legs hang off the end of the bed. He stood on the ground. He bent over, gently kissed my pussy and mouthed "I love you" into it, something he did every time he tasted me, and then before I knew what was going on, I felt him go inside and fuck me hard. Olivia sat on my face while she and my boyfriend made out. I looked up at her glorious round backside, and asked if she wanted me to play with her ass. She gasped happily, and said "Yes!"

It was adorable, little, and tight. She was very pink and shaved, and had obviously prepared herself well in case we offered this to her. I put my finger on her little asshole, without going inside, exactly the way she had done earlier, and licked her clit. She moaned, and I couldn't see what was going on up there, but I can only assume he was having a blast watching her tits. "Fuck," he moaned, and I felt him grab my hips and fuck me harder. Olivia sat forward on top of me, and I was later told that she buried his face in her breasts. Then he took her by the arm and told her to lay down next to me, to take care of me. He requested to watch us kiss while he came. So Olivia smiled and clasped my hands with hers, pushing my arms into the bed, and kissed me. "Fucking...hot," he grunted. "Ladies, I would love to see your faces when I cum." So Olivia lay down beside me, holding my cheek in her hand, lovingly kissing my lips and face. He looked down at our faces, mine pink with pleasure, hers warm with content, and finally he couldn't take it anymore and came. He grunted and thrusted a few times before he flopped over onto his elbows, and we pulled him up onto the bed between us and grinned at each other across his chest.

"You two are so fucking sexy," he said, ruffling our hair. Olivia laughed and I grinned. He told us how fantastic it had been, and he and Olivia talked to each other for a little bit. While they were talking, the two of them managed to slowly pull me into the middle and stroke my inner thighs and the skin around my pussy. "Wait," he said. There was something he wanted to try. He told us to lie on top of each other and display our pussies. So I lay on top of her, facing her, both of us spreading our legs for him to see our pussies, which were right next to each other in this position. My legs were bent and hitched up a little, while my ass was bent up in the air; her legs were spread wide and underneath mine, holding them up. We were smiling at each other, and then we let out a simultaneous gasp. We realized he was burying his face in our pussies, running his tongue up and down, between our clits. "Oh my god, this is hot," I breathed. The two of us started squirming together. We moaned, we whined, we clung to each other while he ran his hot tongue up and down. "I can't believe it," Olivia whispered. "I'm going to cum!" And I held her while she spasmed in her fifth orgasm.

When she came down she was laughing in an exhausted way, and I laughed too. He bent over me, and I saw Olivia smile past my face and up at him and thank him. Then I saw her face react to his, and I knew he had mouthed something to her. I tried to turn around and said "What?" "Nothing babe," and he kissed my neck. "Just that it's time for you to cum." And he put his hands on my wrists, holding me down, while Olivia smiled deviously, and began to pet my clit. And he started teasing my neck with his lips, while Olivia teased at my ear with her tongue. I was instantly filled to the brim with sensations. I could feel his toned chest against my back and his lips and breath against my neck and ears; I felt her beautiful bare breasts pressing against mine and her finger wetly and fluidly circling my sensitive bud. They were holding me between the two of them, moving in rhythm, working in tandem for the express purpose of giving me pleasure. I squirmed and whined and felt myself being held down. "Hey Olivia," he said after a while. "Know what'll really make her want to cum?" "What?" asked Olivia. "Getting pounded." And he put two fingers inside of me and finger-fucked me, hard, right into my g-spot. "Ohmygod," I whined. "Ohmygod. Ohmygod. Ohmygod..." He knew me all too well. I was losing control. So many sensations were running through my body. I writhed between them, squealing uncontrollably. "Maybe this will make you a little quieter," Olivia teased, and reached over for the dildo and once again stuck it in my mouth. She didn't gag me with it, but made me hold it there and wouldn't let me take it out. I was overstimulated, in a very good way, and I could tell that I was in for one hell of an orgasm. I started to feel it build up, and started whimpering, and the two of them laughed and gently coaxed me through my orgasm. "Oh look at you, you're coming!" "Do you like that?" "That's it, keep going!" Finally I finished cumming, and flopped completely limp between them. They rolled me onto my back and laughed and hugged me happily with my great reaction.

We talked and determined that this should happen again some time, and because she seemed tired, we insisted that she stay for a short nap before leaving. I read a book while the three of us cuddled together on the bed, and about an hour later she woke up, kissed me, and said she should leave and take care of some things. She left me her address and home phone number.

After she had left, my boyfriend rolled over in the bed, grinned, and kissed me. He told me all of the awesome things he had seen while we were in the throw of it all. He had loved being able to see her finger my pussy while he was fucking her from behind. He LOVED to watch us make out and play with each other. He had loved being able to dominate two women. He told me he never would have guessed this opportunity would come his way. I told him not to worry, it would definitely be happening again. He could only cuddle me happily in response.

June - junemilky @ yahoo.com

P.S. A note to the readers of truthordarepics. I used the name June as it's not my real name and can't reveal who I am like most of you on the site. I want to become a writer of erotic fiction and also one day for political journals so I can't show my face either. My boyfriend helped me with the pictures and we chose this site as it seemed the most respectful. WE'd love to hear your comments and chat. If/when we see Olivia again I'll try to write more but it is time consuming and so I can't promise anything. What we can promise is that we will keep following all of you doing your amazing dares!!






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