KKD - 3

Wife in Christmas Elf Costume


Something to ring in the Christmas season, KK thought this would help bring joy and happiness to the blaaahy start of the winter. We did this last winter and never did anything with it. We found them the other day and thought what a great season dare to all out there to get your naughty elf pics in to TorDpics.

Twas the night before Xmas and my wife was a little spiced,
not a creature was stirring cept the animal in my pants.
There came such a clatter and I went to my bedroom to see what was the matter
When what to my wondrous eyes did I see
KK in an elf suit seducing ME....
With candy cane in her hand and a lick off the top, down it went and I was sure to follow every drop.
with a swish and a swash, I tore of the covers like it was the sash.
A whimper and a moan, a slight twist and thrust
Santa has found his home.

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