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Thank you so much for all the responses I got from my first post, it was very encouraging and I'm eager to post more. It was such a turn-on to read the reaction I got from you all; I've definitely been very naughty because of it the last couple weeks.

My friend was quite surprised the other day when he walked in on me naked in front of my laptop, leisurely rubbing my nipples and teasing my pussy; moaning softly as I read responses from my previous dare and chatted with several of my admirers. He firmly ordered me to stand. He looked over what I was enjoying on the screen and shut my laptop quickly. He circled me a few times then reached out to pinch my nipples hard. He then ordered me to lay down on the coffee table in front of the couch, I obliged quickly, knowing what would be in store for me if I protested. He sat down on the couch and stared at me naked for quite some time before standing and exiting the room. He came back carrying a tray that held the whipped cream, cherries, ice and the pliers. He expressed his desire in exploring what I had so eagerly shared with others and he began taking turns using each of the objects on my breasts.

He rotated between the ice and the pliers; the coldness of the ice followed by the heat of the pain and pressure of the pliers was a sensation that is hard to describe and had me moaning and thrashing about the table. When he finally applied the whipped cream and the cherry and leaned in to suck on my nipples I was on the verge of cumming and begging him to let me do so. He denied me of course, and continued sucking on my nipples. He then reached down and started teasing my clit before thrusting his fingers inside of me. I cried out in agony as he continued to pleasure my body. Suddenly he stopped and stood, he removed his shorts revealing his rock hard cock oozing with pre-cum and in one swift motion pulled me off the table and sat with me in his lap. He thrust his cock hard into my pussy and began pumping in and out of me as his hands massaged my breasts. Matching his moans with mine, I again begged him to let me cum. With one more quick, hard thrust he came deep inside of me and at that moment ordered me to cum. I melted in his arms as I experienced the sweet release.

I'd like to share some pictures of my pussy so would love to hear your dare ideas on how to do so. Other dare requests and comments are also welcome.

I'm very much a girl who loves a mix of pleasure and pain.

littlemisnaughtyxxx @ yahoo.com






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