Miss Naughty - 12

Caught Naked in PUblic


I was so amazed by all of the feedback I got from my last post with the audio clip, you guys are amazing!! I'd love to post another audio clip, just tell me what you'd like to hear! Please keep all of the comments, requests and stories coming, I love them!!

I ventured out for my first solo dare. I was dared to take some shots of me bound naked outdoors in a public place. I decided to go back to the local nature reservation, there are tons of picnicking areas and hiking trails. I found a great spot; a large picnic area right off of a dead end road. I stripped naked and started messing around with the rope and the camera. It was quite tough to set up shots with the timer and then get myself bound before the camera went off. It took a long time! I was easily walking around naked for an hour or more. Such a thrill! I was getting so aroused, and very wet before the timer even went off on the first shot! At one point, I decided to move to a group of trees about 30-40 feet away from where my clothes were laying. I was working on getting the rope tied the way I wanted it, when suddenly I heard a vehicle approaching...OH MY GOD!


Two young men in a pick-up truck drove into the area, and circled slowly around the parking lot. I think I froze for what felt like minutes and just starred at them. They made eye contact with me, smiled and started driving even slower. I immediately dropped the rope and jogged towards my clothes; I grabbed them and quickly threw them on. At that point they picked up speed and headed back down the road. WHAT A THRILL!!! I loved being caught, it brought doing the dares to a whole new level. It was incredibly erotic being seen naked by two strangers, I loved the look in their eyes when they saw me. I hope the next time I'm out doing a dare solo I get caught again.....maybe whoever catches me will stick around and join in. ;)

Here's a few pictures I got that day to show C, I love how they show just how public the area was; you can certainly see how close to the road I was.

Let me know what you think!!

littlemisnaughtyxxx @ gmail.com







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