Naughty Nurse

Naughty Nurse

My parter Louise was a very straight-laced nurse until a few years after graduation. Her first husband cheated on her, and after the divorce, she met the owner of a titty bar, who convinced her to try out exotic dancing. She made in one night what she'd done in two weeks of graveyard (literally) shift nursing. She did that for four years, learning how to get guys turned on fast, and give her tips.

According to her telling, in the second year, a guy came in who was fairly plain, but something attracted her to him. His charms were good, and she let him take her home, where he proceeded to spend four continuous hours boinking her. They became fast friends, and he encouraged her to explore her sexuality further.

She'd already been approached by dancers to fool around, but Louise resisted their charm, except for the crowd. Now, she decided to let these things go where they would. A pair of them, roommates, invited her over to their place after a shift. Everyone knew what was going to happen, and that night, those two refused to stop until she had fifty orgasms. It blew Louise's mind, because not only did they do it, but they did much more.

Louise had some serious guilts going. This was not what she had envisioned life was supposed to be like. She got involved with these two, and their bisexual antics. They were into guys, orgies, and pretty much non-stop sex. Louise got lost in all of that but continued to dance, and seduced not only guys, but couples especially when they came in.

Now multiorgasmic, very cute, and an excellent seductress, she was living high and had stowed away a lot of money. Then she got pregnant; despite the pill, she was knocked up. Her breasts grew and she wouldn't be able to dance much longer as she was starting to show a bit.

It shook her up enough that she quit and took a vacation to see friends in Santa Cruz. She ended up staying with them for a while and got back into nursing, but her sex drive if nothing else, was stronger. That's when I met her the first time, farther south in Monterrey. I was run off the road on Hwy 1 by a produce truck and broke my leg. She was a nurse at the hospital, and I didn't know who she was or her history, but I did know that she was awesomely cute and a really caring individual. I looked her up the summer afterwards.

She was shy about her sexual history, but then everything came out. In a way, we were like two peas from a pod, with high drives, a love of nudity, and the ability to get into sexual situations that were very largely fun. I told her about my escapades with swing clubs, and she told me about her 'size queen' phase, where every cock had to be over 8" or she wouldn't do them. And although I'm not really bi, she really likes women and has seduced quite a few.

Raunchy? Oh yes. Sexy? Oh yes. She's in her early 40's now and is still really cute. I have some pictures I took of her in her work uniform that I'm sure your readers will love. Tonight we hit a swing club. She'll get hers. Guys, even young ones, can't seem to resist her. Of course, I'll be either watching or getting some of my own. - Mark

Naughty Nurse

Naughty Nurse

Naughty Nurse

Naughty Nurse



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