Nude Mirror Picture

Nude Mirror Picture

Quite by chance, I was actually present for a past sexual encounter that my girlfriend had. Before we were dating and were friends, we were working in the same computer lab when one of her co-workers, whom she had a crush on, came in and started rubbing her shoulders. He already had a girlfriend, but knew she had a crush on him and definitely used it to his advantage. I could see him massaging her shoulders in my peripheral vision and he kept going lower and lower and sort of brushing her nipples. With me in the lab as well, there was no way she could comment on it other than to try and brush him off and she didn't want to, I'm sure. A few minutes later they left together. When I began dating her, I asked her about it and she'd gone back to his house and showered together with him and jerked him off though they didn't have sex. A few months later, she and I had a similar encounter where we went out to dinner and I used a post-dinner massage to get her out of her clothes. It wasn't hard to get her out of her clothes and part of the fun of dating her was knowing a bunch of guys who'd fucked her. One dinner that we had with one of the guys she'd slept with earlier had her wearing an open-mesh top with a lingerie bra underneath. She kissed the guy on the lips when we met him and as we were leaving. Definitely it was a huge turn on and again to later recount her experiences. I aksed her if I could recount that on a website and she said yes and even suggested I post a picture!!! Gotta love her! - Gerard



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