Pepper - 6
Nude Pizza Delivery Dare

Nude Pizza Delivery Dare


Here is my sexy ass wife "Pepper" completing the Pizza Dare. This is just one of many dares we accomplished on a long list that you will soon enjoy. This was sooo much fun to do! She was so cute, nervous and giggly as the time approached. When the pizza guy finally arrived, she swung the door open without hesitation. The pizza guy was so stunned that he didn't know what to do. He kept staring off into space like it was wrong to look at the amazingly beautiful sight right before his eyes. What a weirdo. All while this was happening, a older, professional type lady walked by. She caught a slight glimpse and pretended not to have seen. What a fun dare to complete!

As always, she loves your nice comments and photos. We try to reply to all but life gets hectic sometimes.

All the best,

Pepper and Gator

p-n-g @

Sexy Wife

Sexy Wife


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