Red Hot Mum

Red Hot Mum


I am a typical mum, who fantasises about fucking other men, but have never had the courage. Recently my husband and I had a wild night with a friend of ours who helped us take a step towards my fantasy. My husband's friend C was in town for a conference, and he stayed with us. He had a lot of free time during the week and while my hubby was at work, C spent time with me. He was good fun, very sensible, and as it was the first time I had ever really spent any time with him. He was good fun, and I enjoyed his company. On his last night, I cooked a nice meal and C bought a bottle of wine. While C and my hubby enjoyed their bourbon, I was buzzing on a few glasses of wine.

So, while I went about my business in the kitchen after dinner, my hubby and C sat in our lounge room, and without me knowing, put a porno on the telly. When I came in, I got a bit of a shock, but never the one to back down, I sat down beside hubby and began to watch it with them. Well, the combination of the wine and the gang bang on telly got me going, and before long, my cunt was soaking wet. I turned to my husband, told him to drop his shorts, and knelt down in front of him. As C sat in an arm chair watching, I gave my hubby the best blow job I could. I did my best to impersonate the girls in the porno we were watching, and I could tell from my husband's groans and movement that he was loving it. After a few minutes of blowing him, he pulled away, and began to strip me. He took my top off so my tits swung free, and pulled my skirt up, so C could see my g string. I then went back to blowing him, while C wanked himself off over my ass. My hubby then pulled my g string to one side so C could see my cunt, and so with my tits, ass and cunt for them both to see, they both shot their loads all over my ass and tits.

Covered in cum, I sat on the couch between them, semi naked, and covering nothing. I loved every second of it, and can't wait to do it again. When we went to bed that night, we left our bedroom door open, and I know that C was watching while my husband pounded me! I gave my best porno star impersonation, moaning and talking dirty very loudly, knowing that C was there! He told me the next morning how impressed he was! We will meet up with C again soon, and I can't wait to take the next step and suck his cock!

I have attached some photos. Please send me photos, nice comments and e-mails and I will reply to them all. The better the comment, the better the future snaps.

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