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Sexy Ass

Wife Flashes Her Pussy


It's been awhile since we posted, but we finally have got around to completing a few dares. We took a slightly different approach to the pizza delivery dare. She stood at the window as he walked up and flashed him. We took a few outdoor photos and her at the hotel elevator.

Since we've sent a lot of pics of her ass we had a few questions about whether or not she liked to be spanked so here is a pic that should answer that question.

We've also had a few requests for a sex story and pics. She has been with another girl but we haven't done that together. She loves the idea of another girls hands all over her and tongue on her neck and tits while she's getting fucked. Hearing girls moan gets her off more than anything else. We did have a friend of mine come in from Florida once. We had a night out drinking and her and I had gone upstairs and started to mess around. I was going down on her and she was moaning rather loud. When he was going to the guest room he couldn't help but take a quick look in. I saw him and the thought of her sucking a dick while I fuck her has always been a turn on. I waved him in and he was game. She was laying on her back and and I picked up her hand and put it right on his dick. It startled her and I could tell she was immediately embarrassed (nothing like this had ever happened before just talked about). I went back down to eating her pussy and it was soaked. I figured it would start slow but she immediately took his dick in her mouth. She loves to have it forced down her throat and because she was on her back he was seriously face fucking her. I started to fuck her pussy hard and could tell that she had already cum. He didn't last long and pulled out to cum on her soon as she felt it on her tits she squirted cum all over me. It was super hot and we talk about that night often.

Let us know what you think of these. She loves the responses and the pics.

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Sexy Ass

Sexy Ass

Sexy Ass

Sexy Ass

Sexy Ass

Sexy Ass



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