Curvaceous Wife

Curvaceous Wife


Here are two pics I took of my sexy wife after a night out at the strip club. She's a sexy, all natural, curvaceous woman that definitely stands out in a strip club. This night she wore her nipple clamps under her cleavage-revealing top. The stripper who gave her a private couch dance seemed fascinated with my wife's nipples. Understandably so, as I am still fascinated after years of marriage. It was a good night out, the stripper looked all slinky and sexy on top of my wife with their breasts and nipples rubbing together. By the time we left, my wife was wet and willing. I tied her up to our bed that night and had my way with her. Sometimes, my wife will get up on stage with the strippers and, on occasion, she lets them take her top off. I love when strangers look at her tits. She does too, but she's kinda shy. But when she lets herself go and gives in, it really excites her. Underneath the suburban soccer-mom, she's a wild sexually-charged woman. Our next trip to the clubs might be on couple's night.

So here's two pictures for you to enjoy. Good comments will bring more (and clearer) pictures.


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Wife 1

Curvaceous Wife

Curvaceous Wife

Curvaceous Wife


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