Dare Couple

Dare Couple

Hello Webmaster,

My husband and I found your site last year when he was deployed. We started talking about ways to spice things up and one thing that turned us both on was the idea of public nudity. When he came home we tried a few times, going through drive-thrus and into gas stations with nipples showing or see-thru shirts.

He has been overseas again, but will be coming home next week. I would love to surprise him by having my pictures on your site. Here are a few pics I sent him last time he was deployed--all of which started with a dare of him saying I wouldn't take naked pictures of myself.

We've gotten many other ideas from your site, that I can't wait to try once he's back home. Id love to receive feedback at:

daringcouple09 @ gmail.com

and hope to send more pics soon.



Dare Couple

Dare Couple


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