Dress Up Wife

Dress Up Wife


This is my first time posting, and i'm nervous!!

I'm beginning to show off my exhibitionist side and my fiance mentioned that he thought it would be hot if i had some pics up online for anyone to see. after a little thinking about it i decided i liked the idea... he *loves* when i dress up for him, so here are a few pics of my boobs "fallen out of" a few outfits.

And a quick story-
A few months ago, we were driving several hours on the highway, and i was wearing a super thin t shirt with a bra underneath. it was uncomfortable and i asked him to help me take the bra off (he gladly did!) and he started playing with my nipples showing through the shirt. i lifted the shirt up under my arms, exposing my tits. couldn't take it off b/c i was the one driving! he had his hand on my boob and was shocked i was doing this in daytime. i would sometimes lower the shirt on one side if we were passing close to another car, b/c my car is low and really anyone can see inside it. but the cars traveling in the other direction must have gotten a show! and anyone in front of us who decided to check the rear view mirror too.

after a little while, i was so wet and he slid his hand down my pants and fingered my pussy. i ended up pulling off at a rest stop so i didn't crash the car! now i know how i'll stay awake on the next long road trip... ; - )

C - cirimay @ yahoo.com

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Dress Up Wife

Dress Up Wife


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