Flashing Wife

Flashing Wife

Hi Webmaster,

Much of what I've seen on the site is great. I took some great pictures of my wife flashing her tits and sucking my cock in the D terminal at DFW airport. Unfortunately, I'm an idiot and used Iomega Zip drive to backup the photos and for some reason I can't retrieve them, I get a CRC error...so much for technology.

I had several in the Mexican restaurant where we ate lunch and she had a big margarita that really lossened her up. I didn't even have to prompt and she was flashing her tits at the table with other patrons at the next table behind her. I got a couple of good ones with her blouse completely open, not bra (naked from the waist). We were in large corridor at one end of the terminal where there was a bank of phones and not so much foot traffic--I think it lead to a waiting area for those small puddle jumpers.

Anyway, only one photo survived, it's attached. I got one of her sucking my cock, right there at that phone booth, bummer. I can't wait to get back there and try this again. I have an even better camera now.

seechrisgo @ hotmail.com

Flashing Wife


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