Laundry Dare

Laundry Dare

My Naked laundry Run

BY: Cassie

I hope your readers appretiate this cause it was tough as hell! But also fun LOL ... I showed this site to my friends last night and we had lots of fun reading all the stories and seeing people's dares. It kind of got us in the 'dare' spirit and soon we were thinking of what we could do. My 2 friends got - flashing her boobs out my apartment window for 1 full minute and the other got - calling a guy I knew on the phone (but not her) and making him masterbate and cum LOL. That one was hilarious. Now because I am a 'HUGE' trash talker I of course got the hardest one. They dared me to do a naked laundry run. I live on the first floor so it wasn't that far to go. I stripped my clothes off and ran out the door towards the emergency stairs (since nobody uses them). My friends were right behind me laughing hysterically! I got to the laundry room and 'thank God' nobody was there. They took a quick picture (as it was part of the dare) and I ran back upstairs. As I left the room they tried to block me but the adrenaline in my won easily and I broke through thier wall. Exhausted we all had a few drinks after that and passed out. They had pictures too and maybe they will submit thier dares as we decided that we would each get to choose if we wanted to post our stories or not. I did!


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