Hot Wife Sarah

Wife Sarah


Here are a few pics of my wife sarah sucking my dick. she is very talented and does it whenever i ask. we have an incredible sex life, but we are looking to try new things like trading pics and stories. she loves to give head and is happy to swallow when i cum, but she prefers it when i cum in her pussy. she likes toying and fingering anally, but not all the time. she really likes to have her nipples sucked and played with and loves getting fingered and having her pussy eaten. i really enjoy it when she licks and sucks on my nipples and cock while i play with her tits and finger her or use a toy on her. i also like to masterbate while listening to her as she talks about her sexual expereiances with past partners.

Hi, its sarah. jeff finally talked me into posting some pics, and i agreed so long as no one can recognize me. it really turns him on and the thought of it is starting to make me a little wet. like he said i was fifteen the first time i went down on someone. the first time i sucked someones dick was in a pickup. my first boyfriend was three years older than i and we started making out. he soon had my shirt pulled up and my bra off, he rubbed my breasts and licked and sucked my nipples while he rubbed me through my jeans. after a while he undid my pants and managed to get them pulled down even though i tried to stop him. he rubbed my clit and then slid a finger in me and fingered me until i was drenched and unable to put up any resistance and then asked me to put his dick in my mouth. i agreed even though i didnt know what to do, but it just kinda was natural for me. i sucked and stroked him and he grabbed the back of my head and came in my mouth without warning, so i had to swallow so i wouldnt gag. after that he wanted me to swallow all the time, so i did. at night before he would leave my house he would "tuck me in bed" i would wear a night shirt and take my panties off. i would lay under the covers with my legs spread and he would finger me or sometimes lick my pussy while i gave him a hand job or blow job. one time he was sitting at the computer desk in his room and he jerked off while i sat on the floor next to him. when he came i moved his hand and took the head in my mouth. i swallowed all of it and sucked the head clean. right after i moved back and he put it away his mom walked in the room. jeff loves hearing these stories and i know im going to have to blow him right after we post this, so i had better go.

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Wife Sarah

Wife Sarah

Wife Sarah

Wife Sarah

Wife Sarah

Wife Sarah

Wife Sarah



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