Flashing Belle

Flashing Belle


Love the web site! My husband showed it to me a month or so ago and we check it out pretty regularly now. It is fun to see all of the interesting things that every one has done. There are a few things we have done that might fit in even though I wasn't dared to do them they were just things we thought were fun to do at the time. One of the pictures attached is of me driving with my tits out for ten minutes or so on our way home from a ski trip my husband and I took this winter. It was a pretty quiet stretch of interstate so no one passed us and got a show but it was still fun. On the way out to ski, I gave my man some road head there wasn't much for traffic except for some trucks in the distance so I figured it was safe (I wouldn't want to cause an accident) and went for it. I had just barely swallowed my husbands man juice and looked up and realized we had caught up to the two trucks as they were going up a hill my husband had to slow down as we were finishing up so to speak. We got ourselves back in order passed the truckers and headed down the road. Thinking back it might have been fun to pass someone with my mouth full but it probably would have been hard for him to pass someone with the service he was getting. Also, attached is a picture for the dare challenge ( forgot to write "my dare for").

Belle - bellelongwood @ yahoo.com

Flashing Belle



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