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This is our first time posting here on Todp. We hope that everyone likes what they are about to see and comments and or dares are welcome. I was sitting here at home one day and was wondering what could me and my wife do to keep from being bored so, I had came up with this brilliant idea to take her to the park and let her feed the ducks as she had been asking me to do for atleast 2 weekends. I told her that I would take her if she wore one of her short skirts with a white sheer top and no panties or bra. She said ok and ran upstairs to change her clothes and we was off to the park.

We arrive at the park and begin to walk around holding hands and talking, stopping every few minutes so she could feed the ducks. I would stand back and watch her as she occasionaly would bend slightly to drop some bread so that I could see her naked ass as she bent over. We walked around the park for a few minutes then found a picnic table and sat down for a while. We was talking for a bit when I decided to ask her if she would be willing to expose herself in public for me and let me take pics of her doing so. She said that she was unsure of doing it as she didnt want to get in trouble and I told her not to worry.

We sat and talked for what seemed to be an hour or so and then we noticed two guys out in the field throwing around frisbe's, we also noticed a guy sitting at a table across the way from us and he was staring right at us. I then dared my wife to go out by the canal and turn towards me lift her skirt up and walk back to me with her skirt raised while I took a picture. To my suprise she got up walked out and lifted her skirt then begain to walk back towards me. The first pic is of that situation.

My wife and I then sat at the table talking some more and then here comes two guys on bicycles, they stop just feet away from us and walk out to the edge of the canal and turn in our direction and begin to stare and talking to eachother. I am wondering what they keep staring at and I look over at my wife and there she is sitting with her leggs spread wide open and faceing the two guys. Well this continues for about fifteen minutes then the two guys leave. I then dare my wife to sit up on the picnic table and flash me her naked pussy while I take pictures, she obliged and that is how I got this second picture for your viewing.

We continued to hang out and watch the guys drool over her and her outfit when they would walk by and durring our final hour there sitting at that table my wife decides to sit on the bench next to me but straddeling the bench instead, I was sittin in a normal position with my back towards the sidewalk behind us. We are sitting there talking when I hear a guys voice say " excuse me but could I please get a cigarette from you ", I glance over my left shoulder to see this black guy standing there staring at my wifes sexy white pussy as she is getting him a cigarette. My wife never tryed to cover herself up at all and when she gave the guy the cigarette he begain to walk away saying thank you but, he quickly turned around and came back to her and asked her for a lite as well. She handed him her lighter and once again never covered herself up, he walked away saying thank you again.We watched him as he walked away and the whole time he kept turnning back and looking at her so I decided to dare her to tease him by getting up on the table top and sitting down with her legs spread wide while rubbing herself and that is how we come to the third pic you see. The guy walked over to the other picinic table with the other guy that was watching us and he sat down and watched my wifes every move for the next hour.

When we decided that it was time to get up and leave for home the black guy got up and followed us out to our car so my wife kept flashing him her ass and as we walked by the restroom I dared my wife to go ask him to join her in the restroom to fuck her but when she turned around he was walking off to the basketball court so we continued to our car. We got in the car and the guy turned and started to walk back towards the restrooms but we went ahead and left watching the guy watch us as we left and he then disapeared into the restroom. We had alot of fun doing this and since then have went to the mall doing some flashing and also went to McDonalds and done some flashing there as well. This stuff is a real turn on for my wife and I and we look forward to doing it more offten. We will post some of the pictures from the mall and McDonalds later but in the mean time we challenge you to give us some dares or suggestions on what you would like to see. We really hope you enjoy the pictures and hope to hear from you soon.

bigboy712010 @ yahoo.com

Flashing Wife

Flashing Wife


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