Hot Nurse

Hot Nurse


We want to start off by saying, "What a great website for many people like ourselves !!!"

My husband has mentioned your website to me some months ago and we finally had the time to take some fotos to send in.

We have read many people´s, couple´s and ladies´stories about their love lives and their fantasies. And the stories really surprise us on how so many people, couples and ladies have these stories to tell. Which I say is really nice cause we do have our own sex stories to tell as well. And we are very happy to find your website which is a great place for us to post them.

As for us, we do have a nice sex life, but want to spice up our love-making more to make it more exciting. We love to be naked when we are at home and do sleep naked as well, so being free is really a great thing for us.

And to add to our sex life, I do have many toys to use and to enjoy. My husband actually encourages me to use them as often as I want to stimulate myself and to have a free felling about my sex toys, since my job as a Nurse is really a stressful job with many long hours and weekend work as well, leaving us with less time together.

Anyway, to start our submission off, please find a few starting fotos of me. When the requests from others come in, we will of course submit more fotos of me and my man... if there are requests for it.

And like the other submitters ask in your website, people can send their words to us if they like.

We would love to hear from all.

Till then,

Jessy, Hotnurse318

Messages can be sent to: hotnurse318 @

Nurse 1

Hot Nurse

Hot Nurse

Hot Nurse

Hot Nurse

Hot Nurse


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