Off Road Couple

Off Road Couple


This is our first dare pic. We had found this site and thought we will never be this outgoing, yet here we are. The first one is one of me and my girlfriend of 3 years going on 4 and I was telling her about a dream I had the night before, that her and a random girl took me to a party and we were having a good time till both of them pulled me out of the party and started giving me oral. Well it turned her on so much she wanted to make my dream a reality minus the random girl she told me I can do the work of two girls in one. She started giving me head and just really getting aggressive with me and I love it. During the whole thing she started giving me a hand job and she thought it would be hot for me to take this picture. It got even more intense after that she took me to her room and had me give her a facial. I enjoyed it so much and we just knew we had to share this picture. Well the other picture my girlfriend is not to confident with her boobs and I think they are the most amazing hottest looking boobs I have ever seen. I want some feedback of what you guys and girls think of her boobs so I want some feedback so please post my email and let us know if you enjoyed our pictures. Depending on the feed back we may do more dares and we love to off road and maybe on our next trip we might get some more pictures so thank you.

Love the Off Road Couple

E-mail: off-road-fun1990 @

Couple 1 Couple 2 Couple 3

Off Road Couple

Off Road Couple


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