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Yes, most certainly have seen daugther nude since she has been out of college. She has a job that requires her to travel and do some public speaking. She had a speaking engagement recently and intended to drive instead of flying and invited me to go along. I had plenty of vacation time and agreed to go with her. she made all the arrangements. When we got there, I found much to my supprise that she had rented only one room for the two of us, I decided what the heck, it doesn't make any difference.

The first evening she and I went to dinner, had a nice meal and some wine,we went back up to our room, both relaxed somewhat and cozy. We decided to have another glass of wine and Daugther told me that she was going to get a bath and soak a little big and I said fine. She went into the bathroom and I lay on the bed watching the news and then a concert. After about 30 minutes, she came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her, she ask me if I would mind rubbing her back with lotion, I assumed she was talking about her shoulders and I agreed to do so, when I did she walked over to the bed, drop the towel, was I supprised, I could hardly speak, the most beautiful body that I had ever laid eyes on,perfect round ass, long legs and dark nipples. She lay down across the bed on her stomach, I stood there with a lotion bottle in my hand.

I approach her on the bed and gently rubbed some lotion on her shoulders and back, she ask if I would mind doing the back of her legs,I start on her lower legs and worked up above the knees, when I got about mid thigh I could tell she was slowly spreading her legs and giving me a beautiful sight of her pussy, by this time I was hard as a rock and did not want to show it, it was my daughter

She rolled over and told me that I needed to remove my clothes, (only had on a t-shirt and some shorts)so she could return the favor. I was very unsure about this, but stood and pulled the shirt up over my head, then I kinda turn side ways and sliped out of my shorts, when I did my cock spring from them and was standing straight out, bone hard. She saw it of course, laughed a little and said what caused that, I just replied that it was the motel room, she laughed again and said oh yea! I laid down and she gave me a real good rub down, when she came up on my thighs she kinda of pushed her hand up under me and touch my balls , I just had to shutter, I could not believe this, I had not seen her naked she the tenth grade in high school, when I saw her skinny dipping one night. When she finished she stood up and moved over to the other bed and crawl under the sheets and said that was so relaxing, we will have to do that again sometime. I got up, excused myself and went into the bathroom and jerked off.

We stayed for three (3) days, during that time she was naked most of the time when in the motel room and one other time she wanted the lotion rub again. I would see her that way until I could stand it no longer and then I would go into the bathroom and jerk off. Yes, I am not stupid, I do believe that I could have had sex with her, but did not elect to do so, she has a steady boyfriend at home and they most likly will be married soon. I will enjoy the view each time that it is offered to me, she is a beautiful, sexy and hot woman, but something else would have to take place before I would have her completely, I would not say never. but not at present as much as I would love it, and she knows she messes my mind up, but so be it.


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