Here are some pics of my beautiful wife. We've been married for 13 years and she's always been rather reserved and private, while I'm much more of an exhibitionist. I've ended up naked at more than one party! :) On different occasions we've tried 3somes, both mfm and fmf, and we've tried swapping. It's taken me many years to convince her to let me "publish" her pics. There pics are from New Year's Day, Jan 1, 2011. I had to work all night New Year's Eve so I was just getting home at about 10:30am on Jan 1. All the kids were elsewhere and it was just my wife at home. I came into the house to find her naked and lying on the couch. This is unusual for her to surprise me like this so I froze in amazement!.

After a few seconds I dropped my bags and my coat and jumped onto the couch with her. Of course I immediately pulled out my phone because I love taking pictures of her! I also sometimes take pics of myself and send them to her at work! :) Anyhow, back to the story. After snapping a few pics I put down my phone and focused on my baby's sweet, naked body. I started gently kissing her neck while my hands explored her great tits. My lips found their way to her ear lobes, and my tongue went to work in her ear while my hands journeyed south to a warm, moist pussy! I spread her pussy lips and gently worked her clit while my mouth made it's way from her ears to her tits. One had worked her steadily moistening cunt, one hand worked a tit, and my mouth worked her other nipple. After a few minutes of licking, flicking, biting, and teasing, I looked at her deep in her beautiful blue eyes, gave her a long, deep, passionate kiss, told her how much I loved her, then slid my whole body down hers until my tongue found it's target; her swollen, wet, beautiful, warm, tight, little pussy! Looking back up at her I slowly parted her lips with my fingers and started to lick her clit.

She loves when I nibble on her little love button! Nibbling, flicking, pinching, biting, licking went on for a while. I didn't want to stop. I slid two fingers inside her soaked pussy and finger-fucked her while biting and pressing on her clit. I didn't want her to cum yet so I slowed down and started giving long and slow licks from the bottom of her pussy all the way past the clit. She loves it when I tease her! Squeezing her nipples and arching her back she wanted me to fuck her hard! I was still dressed and my cock was trying to explode out of my jeans! Then, without warning, I plunged two fingers back into her cunt and my mouth onto her sweet clit! I was pumping hard, fast, and deep while chewing hard on her clit! While squeezing and twisting her nipples she had an AMAZING orgasm. I just layed there between her legs gently licking up the sweet pussy juices! After a few minutes she told me to fuck her hard. I got up, undressed, pulled her to the floor, and proceeded to fuck my baby, hard and long! She came another 2 or 3 times before I filled her pussy with my hot cum! We got cleaned up and I stayed naked for the rest of the day into the early afternoon while she stayed topless, which was another incredible turn-on! As I said, she's always been pretty reserved. Here are some of the pics of that day. I'm hoping that your feedback will encourage her to come out of her shell a little more! Hopefully we'll be posting more soon!

Email us at 1shywife @ Enjoy!










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