Wife's Ass

Wife's Ass


I'm very new to this, but I know my husband will die when he sees these on here. He loves my ass, but I don't think it's much. I still feel i have a lot to work on in that department. Here are a few pics so you can decide for yourself. One is while we were on vacation, the other two are from just a couple of days ago. My husband gave me a full-body massage. I can't tell you how horny I was through the whole thing. You can see my lips were swollen and sticking out- there was actually a drop of juice hanging off my lips when he took this. Sorry about the picture quality. After he gave me the massage, he ate me out and I was so horny, to his surprise, I kept shoving his face back into me. I am a little embarassed, it's not usually the way I am...

****webmaster, feel free to put my email in - I would love to hear what people think of what they see.

dchtodp @ gmail.com

Wife's Ass

Wife's Ass


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