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How are my Boobs?

BY: Mary

I did a dare a few weeks back, where I was dared to ask the third guy that I didn't know if they would give their opion on weather I needed a breast enlargement or not.

I went to the park where there would not (hopefully) be alot of people like at the mall. I got out of the car wearing a sweater without a shirt or bra, the sweater only had a belt on it so I had to hold it shut. I started my walk around the park, it was early morning and there were not too many people there, a few walking their dogs. I passed the first guy, a middle age man walking with his wife or girlfriend, the next guy was a young man, about my age, I thought it would of been nice if he was the third one but he wasn't. I seen the next guy coming and got my nerve together for the dare.

As I walked closer to him I seen he was an elderly man, could easily of been my father, but as the rules go you do the dare according to the dare. As he walk closer I got a little nervous and wasn't so sure, then just as he got really close, I made my move and said to him, " what a cute dog, is he yours?" He stopped and said "yes" and he started to tell me about the dog. I asked if he walked here often and he said yes since his wife died. I was really feeling for the guy now and wasn't sure if he would have a heart attack or be thrilled if and when I opened my sweater to get his opion. After some small talk I asked him if I could have his opion on something. "Sure he said ask away" I then took a deep breath and told him that I was thinking about getting a breast enlargment and wanted to know if he thought I needed one or if it would help my figure.


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He was stunned at first and said "what did you say ?" I repeated the question and when I did I let the sweater fall open to expose my breast to him. His eye just about fell out of his head as he stared at my tits. He didn't say anything for a moment so I said to him, what do you think ? With trembling voice he said "they are beautiful !" Thankyou I told him, but do you think I should get them made bigger ? Before he could say anything I also told him to take his time and make sure as I didn't want any fast answer I wanted him to be sure. He look for a what seemed like a minute but more than likely wasn't, and he said, "I think they are perfect the way they are " I reached with one hand and cupped my breast in my hand and said, I think maybe they could be a little bit bigger, and as I said that I gently squeezed. I said here feel for yourself and see if they don't lack some firmness. He didn't move, so I reached down an took his hand an placed it on my breast and said see not to firm. He squeezed my tit ever so gently, and before I knew it he had both hands on me, feeling each breast, gently at first and then he started to squeeze more firm, and then he was playing with my tits right there in the park. After a few moments I said to him, so what do you think ? "Yes a little bit would help, when you going to get this done ?" in the spring I told him and he offered to help out agian after it was done to make sure that the job was done right.

I thanked him and then tried to back up to close my sweater, as he was playing with my tits the whole time, but when I took a step back he took a step with me and keep squeezing my tits. I finally told him that I had to go and to please stop. He dropped his hands and said he was sorry for not stopping sooner but he just got carried away. I told him that was ok, and with that I closed my sweater and headed back toward the car. Just in time too as I no sooner got the sweater closed a couple came jogging around the bend in the road. I didn't waste any time getting to the car and moving on. The whole thing was very exciting and thrilling and got me really hot to say the least, and when I got to the car I had to take care of some business.

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