Bald Pussy

We have had a 3some with a guy on several occasions who also took a few nude pics of me with his professional camera while hubby videotaped it. So last night was no big suprise until while we were having sex, he intiated anal sex with me, with out permission if u get what I mean, with no lube or anything.

I told him to stop and that he was getting way too rough. Then we began playing again, I thought that maybe it was an "accident". Then he did it again. So I got up and went to the bathroom and stayed there till he left. My hubby had no idea what had happened, just thought that maybe he had gotten a little too rough. When he came into the bathroom I was crying and he wanted to go rip this guys head off. Of course I told him not too, but now that I am ripped all to hades and so very sore, I wonder if I was wrong and should have let him. But that is not the type of person I am. But I had also become very very turned on at the prospect of being fucked up the ass...I mean... I had never done that before and growing up Catholic and all... so we talked about it and got really turned on and wanted him to try it again but this time with lube.

Anyway, he had the nerve to call this morning and act like nothing had happened. My hubby asked him what he was thinking and the guy said that he was sorry and that he was just excited and not thinking. I think that he is just trying to do things with me that his wife wont let him do with her. Anyway, we tried again tonight and it did hurt but I was als turned on at the same time... can't wait to do naughty things again.




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