Bar Flash

Bar Flash

My wife doesn't do it very often but we do have some fun while out at bars and clubs. Two weeks ago we were in NY and there was this little hottie practically getting f'ed right on the dance floor with her shirt dress being held todether by only 2 buttons. Not to be outdone my wife guided my hand to the back of her short dress where I found the slit and realized that her ass and puss were only being covered by about an inch of fabric. I seized the opportunity I had and asked her if I could lift it a bit more. After all, there was a girl being f'ed on stage!! Showing her bare pussy wasn't that big a deal as everyone was practically watching that show. She nodded her head and let me pull it up all the way. I was hard instantly watching people walk by, look at us and smile. One of our friends seized the opportunity as well and took a picture from thier cell which didn't bother us at all. It was like my hands were glued to her for the rest of the night. I got her off once in the club by rubbing her discreetly and then we excused ourselves and went back to the room where we had the best sex ever. - Man-Woman



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