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Public Flash

At a local shopping mall, I went to another store while my wife shopped upstairs when I went to meet up with her I noticed her by the second floor railing and men on the first floor getting great upskirt views while she stood waiting for me, she really didn't realize until she saw me, then turned and gave us all a nice ass show, I loved it, along with the rest of the guys. It got me so hot that the next day I asked her to do it again but this time I wanted a picture. So we went out and did the railing thing again but it was too obvious to others that we were flashing if I took a picture so she had another idea. She found a bench with an older lady on it and flashed me her pussy while the lady was RIGHT beside her! We got home and I fucked her brains out. We also took another one of her in front of a shoe store but it wasn't as risky as the first. - Rob

Public Flashing


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