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My husband and I are very new to the Hedo scene. We have entered into the sex scene after many discussions and well we thought we were ready! Key word here is "thought". In actual fact, our first encounter was with a married female in a hot tub on vacation. Long story short on this one - that evening with the married female was fantastic. All we really did was play around - no intercourse - well my hubby actually entered me from behind at one point while I was playing with her. The evening ended with a huge bang and was most enjoyable - My husband and I enjoyed discussing it afterwards and it certainly left a great afterglow for the following weeks. All seems great so far.

Weeks later we go to party - 6 guests in total. Couples. Drinks, wonderful dinner and we end up in the hot tub. No we weren't surprised and we know one of the couples. Here is where things went array. All was great for quite sometime- lots of playing - girls and girls - girls and guys and then at some point it happened, where the three girls swapped their mates. This is all fine but I remember at the time that all of sudden I felt I lost my line of site It was an awful feeling and I couldn't understand it. It wasn't long before there was a break and I turned around to see the back of this girl "ridding" my hubby. At least that is what it looked like. The pencil snapped and I got his attention and said - that is over the line and got out.

To help shorten this I am going to fast track - turns out they were not phucking. He was fingering her and they had just swapped a minute or so before I turned around so it was long. I am all cool with that but the image I saw was something very different Our limits are:

No two gentials touch at anytime

No intercourse

I was upset but by the following morning we were in bed making passionate love. He told me he would not do that as it was our rule and the other girl also told me it was her rule as well. Have to trust and believe. We have talked about it and have cleared up all issues in relation to that. What I have found though is that I realized that this was the first time I lost sight of my husband - I enjoyed it when I was there and playing and he was playing with the same person but when it became a seperate play - my stomach went into a huge knot!

So .... I got EVEN!

I made him take public pics of me and had him send them to his best friends by "accident" so now all of his buddies got to see his wife's pussy and I got the benefit of seeing him squirm hehe.



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