Road Trip

Road Trip

Hi Webmaster,

What a great weekend I had! Me and my party girlfriends took off from work on Thursday and road tripped to a large State university in Ohio for a marathon sex weekend.

Imagine it, four thirtyish women in their business suits grinding with college boys in a college bar! The dance floor was just crowded enough to allow one of us to be penetrated without anyone noticing. I got cornered in a booth and had to jerk the guy off into my mouth before he let me go. I blew his friends in the parking lot and then we all went back to the hotel room and had an orgy that must have kept everyone awake on our floor!

On Friday, we scoped out a frat and "laid" the ground work for a huge gang bang on Saturday. Basically, we were aggressive and made it clear we were willing. Two of us put on a show in their living room which got the juices and the testosterone flowing. I went to bed with a couple guys and let them use me up. We let them know we'd be back on Saturday and would take on anyone who wanted to.

When we got there on Saturday night, let me tell you, they were ready for us! They were tearing at our clothes before we got into the house. I was thrown on the floor and one guy after another tried to pound me into the basement! My one friend is very petite, and she told me later that every guy who thought he had a huge dick was trying to make her howl.

After the intial rush, the guys would just walk up to me and do things to me. I spent at least an hour bent over a table. I can't think of how much semen I ate, I know I actually felt full and a bit sick to my stomach. I'm pretty sure I was in every room of the house. I got two breaks to take showers, but that was about it. The guy I remember the most was the last guy because he was so huge and he just pounded me missionary style for what seemed like hours. By the time I collected my friends it was mid day on Sunday. Everyone had good experiences, although one said that she was there probably two hours longer than she could handle. We found our little friend tied up in basement, and we all had a good laugh about that.

It was a GREAT time! Unfortunately, I'm going to be out of commission for a couple of weeks, but my husband will have plenty of great stories to listen to including this one! - Fanny



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