Airplane Sex

Airplane Sex

Airplane Sex - Hi there Webmaster.

I'm Rachel and my husband's name is Steve. We wanted to tell you about our little mile high adventure and show you this picture of me. On a late flight we found ourselves near the back of the plane with few passengers. So naturally we spread out and took an isle to ourselves to stretch and lie down if we wanted to. I started teasing Steve by flashing him and making him hot and bothered. He took out the camera and mouthed to me, "one more" We took a couple of pictures but this was the best one. It was alot of fun and made us both want more. So Steve came over to sit with me and put a blanket over us both. Without many passengers the flight attendants rarely passed by giving us ample time and opportunity to 'play'. Within minutes we had both given each other orgasms under the blanket. Steve went to the bathroom to clean up but I needed more. When he came back I had my pants completely off! And just had the blanket to cover me. This got me so turned on you can't understand. He put his hand under the blanket and between my legs and proceeded to 'slow finger me' for about 45 minutes rubbing my pussy and clit and driving me bananas! When I came Steve had to cover my mouth so others wouldn't hear. I was too scared to officially join the mile high club but what I did do was fun enough. - Rachel



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