Sex on the Back of a Motorcycle


Hi Truth or Darers

This is a first for me and my Fuck Buddy, Angel. We have been seeing each other on and off now for a couple of months and I did'nt realize there were women out there like her. She is fantastic.

We thought that we would share a little story with you guys that happened just after we got together. We decided that we would go for a ride on one of my Harley's down the coast to Byron Bay. On the way down I thought that I would innocently rub her leg just to see how she was doin, but for some reason my hand just kept creeping up further and further. I was wondering how far I could go but I need'nt have bothered as she just grabbed my hand and shoved it into her now dripping pussy, and I mean dripping. Man it was so hard, here I am trying to control the bike with one hand behind my back and a woman that is having orgasm after orgasm on my fingers. Which is fine for her but what about me. So after me complaining for what seemed like ages Angel gets a lollypop that she has and sticks it in her pussy coating it in her juices, feeding it to me as we ride along at 120kph.

Man I can only imagine what the other people on the road were thinking as Angel is just going off, she's bouncing on my hand like there is no tomorrow. Anyhoo we finally arive in Byron Bay and we find a park to get of the bike to have a little break and get a bit more up close and personal. Fuck man I'm getting hard just remembering that day while I'm writing this!!! Anyway here we were sitting at a picnic table, me on the seat and Angel sitting on the table facing me. She has now undone her jeans and dropped them far enough for me to see her shaved pussy and to see how incredibly wet she is. There are people not even 50 feet away from us as she is sitting there in front of me fingering herself and feeding me her juices.

Then she undid her top and had her tits hanging out as a group of arabs decided to have a picnic right next to us. Man you gotta wonder what the women were thinking while they were dressed from head to toe and Angel is there with tits out and me coating her pussylips with chocolate maltezers and licking it off. So the day progressed and we had to head home and it pissed down with rain so Angel got even wetter by the minute (its alright I had wet weather gear). So we get home to her place and that's where the fun started all over again. We sucked, licked, touched, kissed, fucked for hours. Angel gives the most incredible headjob I have ever had, man she has a way of using her whole mouth and tongue to bring you to the point of exploding and then she slows down and uses the whole of her tongue to bring you back down to keep it going. She uses all of her self to make sure that you are enjoying every minute, Angel loves to make sure that its not only her getting off but you are too. The more I get off the hotter she gets.

Anyway that's probably enough for now, hopefully we will post again soon. I asked Angel if I could post a couple of pics of her and she has agreed as long as there are no faces (sorry) maybe soon. I can't believe how wet it made her when I took the photo's this morning so I asked why so wet? and her reply "I'm just thinking of all those men and women that will be looking at my pussy"

So bye for now from Australia and we hope you enjoy the pics. - Roger



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