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***KNOW THIS - "BDSM girls are extremely serious about thier fantasies! They are not your typical surfer you find on dating sites or chat rooms in that they don't play games. Most of them are submissive and have thought a great deal about thier sexual choices, and about placing an ad online. Because they are submissive and serious, they are usually looking for a guy (and sometimes girl) who will be the dominant one and help them live out thier fantasy. Usually they want the person to tie them up and have thier way with them, spank them, or just tell them what to do. They get off on being out of control for a few moments and never really tell anyone they know which is why they use online sites. ALT has free memberships and chat for anyone interested in meeting people in thier local area who are into some light bondage and need a partner(s)." - Claire Wilkins: Editor 'Woman Now'

Bondage Girls
"I am new to BDSM but my fantasy is to lie like this and wait for you to come into my unlocked front door, feel me up and then walk out without me ever taking off my blindfold. Let's chat first and see where this goes." - Kitty777

"I like to be tied up and enjoy it when I am taken advantage of and told what to do." - PaganFortress
"My Mistress and I get together twice per month and spend the evening engaging in dom/sub sex. Our last encounter resulted in me having to cum every 15 minutes or I got a spanking from her. We are now looking for new guys/girls interested in spending the evening with us who like this kind of sex." - Kprops
"I am looking for someone who is serious about helping me get into BDSM. I wish to be tied up on my bed, on my stomach and spanked gently at first. For the first few days anyway. Then I will take it from there." - Janine4004

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BDSM Personals
32 year old Sub Slut Looking for Dom Men Living in Talahassee, United States
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free BDSM personals
22 year old Bondage Chick Looking for Men, Couples (man and woman) or Couples (two men) Living in LA, California
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ALT Personals
39 year old Mistress Looking for Horny Men, Horny Couples and Naughty Women Living in Dallas, Texas
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Alternative Personals
40 year old Slave Looking for Dom Men and Women to Tie me up in Huntington beach, New Mexico
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Bondage Personals
26 year old Dominatrix Seeking Men and Couples Living in San Francisco Los Angeles
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Alternative Lifestyle
41 year old Horny Mom Looking for Horny Girls and Men Living in Miami, Florida, United States
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BDSM Couple
33 year old Dom Couple Looking for Horney Men & Women Living in New York, United States
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Alt Personals
39 year old Man Looking for Bad Girls & Couples that are naughty. Living in San Diego, US
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Gay BDSM Personals
41 year old Gay Couple Looking for Gay Men and Gay couples Living in San Francisco, California,
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Spanking Personals
24 year old Woman Looking for Men and Women into BDSM Living in Miami, Florida,
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S&M Personals
23 year old Blonde Looking for Horny Men Living in New York, USA
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sadism & Masocism
21 year old Slut Babe Looking for Men to Tie me up. Living in Minnesota.


"I have recently joined the dark side of my sexuality and have already met 3 people from SS. My last partner tied me up as asked and then shoved a dildo in my pussy for 2 hours making cum and cum. I couldn't take it anymore but he still kept going and the feeling of being tied up under the control of someone you just met is scary and arousing which just made me cum more. I am looking for someone creative to try new things with." - MarieMas

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