Bus Flash

Bus Flash

Bus Flash - Hi Webmaster

We love your site and were inspired by another poster who flashed on the bus. After seeing that, we made plans of our own to do the same. So we talked about which bus route, what time of day etc... and then just did it. I stated out of the house with Manny my husband and wearing only a long coat with nothing under except a flimsy blue top. It felt really sexy! Then we got on the bus and went straight to the back. After about 5 minutes I started to undo my coat and then quickly put it back on as I was a bit scared. With some support from my hubby I started again and just exposed my front a bit and took off the blue top as you can see in one of the pictures. Then after doing this for a bit with nobody noticing I got braver and went further opening it all the way. That's when hubby snapped the second picture and then I stayed like that for about 3 stops. Then we hit our stop and we went home and had crazy sex. It wasn't that hard really and now I wish I had taken it off competely and even touched myself. Oh well, next time. One step at a time. We will do more and let you know whe we do. Attatched is 3 pictures, 2 from the bus and one from the night before. - Paulina


Bus Flash


Bus Flash


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