Camping Dares

Camping Dares

My girlfriend and I and her sister went camping this summer. Her sister and boyfriend had naughty attitudes and my girlfriend didn't think that way but always let her sister take the lead. so several trips were full of all kinds of exhibitionism and voyeurism. I think all four of us were always onto each other but we all acted sooooo innocent. But one thing that we did, that we didn't pretend to not know we were showing was when we would go in the tent at night and with a lantern or flashlight would put on a show of shadows. It was fun to show off a hard cock and the girls would give nice shadow shows of their tits and ass. But during the day it was not uncommon for any of us to change back and forth into swim suits with either the door unzipped or with the very sheer window view open.

One morning I had just made coffee and he came out leaving the tent door sagging open. From my position I couls see in and I do think that she really was asleep but he had pulled back the covers and she was laying there on here back nude. He didn't say anything and neither did I but we both just sat there and enjyed the view. After a bit either is was awake and done showing off or she just rolled over out of site but it is eitched in my mind. I tried to return the favor on our next trip but was not successful. The girls were not the type to show off on purpose to actually calling them out was out of the question, but as long as they could show off and make it look accidental they seems into it. I made that mistake once and was asked if I thought she was a slut....damn no I just like to see ya naked! she didn't tease for 6 months after. Oh, and some nights it seemed like we each tried to out moan each other and I really got off on getting my girlfriend who was really really trying to not make noise...even rustling could be heard and she tried to keep from doing that...But it was so quiet that you could hear slurping and slapping if you weren't fucking yourself...but I used to love getting her off so well that she make so much noise it could be heard several campsites away! Please post this story for us on your website and the picture of her upon arrival to the site. - Mike



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