Hotel Dare

Hotel Dare

Hotel Dare - My gf and I were staying in a hotel in Pa after a night of dancing. We were both horny and having fun when we heard the couple going at it in the next room. She was so loud and moaning it turned us both on so much. We stopped watching our movie that we paid for (you know how expensive they are!!) to listen. After about 20 more minutes of non-stop moaning by the female next door we were more than horny and just looked at each other. The moaning next door actually led to the picture we are submitting. When horny my gf is up for anything. When THIS horny she is a wild woman!! I took the opportunity to suggest a dare. She immediately smiled a wicked smile and said "what?" . I suggested she get some ice naked. She thought about it for a second and said yes. It took her 2 seconds to take off her pyjamas and was out the door before I could get the camera! I yelled, "hold on" but she was already out of sight. The ice machine was only a few feet away from our room which made it less risky but still, I was almost shaking at the sight of my gf naked in the hotel hall like this. I told her to pose sexy for me as I wanted a quick pic before the possibility of a door openeing and her running back to the room. Igot it and she giggled and started walking back. As she walked back she had her hands on her ass and was cupping her cheeks for me. A door did sound then but she quickly turned into our room and the guy leaving his room didn't see anything but me doing the same. The next morning we saw the couple next door leaving as we did. She was oriental and he was white. She must have been one wild woman, but not as wild as mine. - Terrence



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