My Hot Girlfriend

My Hot Girlfriend

My Hot Girlfriend - This is my girlfriend lying on her bed. We just recently got into exhibitionism. The first time she was kinda reluctent, I almost had to push her in the door of the store. She had chosen the store cuz, she said there was a really cute young sales guy there, but once she got there, she got really shy and nervous. Finally she went in, looking so hot in this really short sexy skirt. I was already gettin hard just thinking about her doing it I walked down the mall just a short ways to give her some time.

Then I headed back towards the store. When I walked in he was down on his knees in front of her meauring her foot, her knees were open so nice, I knew he was getting a good view, and I was getting a good surge between my legs. I walked over in the men's dept. tryin not to be to obvious, glancing over when I could. Then I walked over as close as I could cuz there was a mirror on the wall facing them, he was slipping a shoe on, her legs were opening just right, I could see the crotch of her thong from where I was standing, so he was getting that up close and personal shot.

I could tell that she was really getting into it, crossing her legs, positioning them, wow. My hot sexy girlfriend had us both turned on to the max. She saw me lookin at her in the mirror and gave me the biggest, wow do I like this, smile. He really was a good looking guy, very young, maybe even in high school. He kept telling me he'd be with me in a minute I was not in any hurry by any means. This was too good. She was smiling and laughin and joking with him, as she slipped the different pairs of shoes on and off, crossing, opening spreading, I couldn't believe how she'd gone from, very shy, to an almost, your so cute,look up my skirt all you want. I was hoping but did not expect to to be so lucky. It was very obvious he was enjoying it almost as much as me. We almost had matching bulges.

There were shoe boxes all over the floor, his face was flushed, her eyes were sparkling. I had the feeling and was hoping that her thong was very wet. She did buy a pair of heels, she said even gave the kid a nice tip. I left before that, as our plans were to meet at the food court. She was smiling ear to ear when she showed, jeez, she said, that was way too much fun, I didn't know it could be like that and that i'd feel that way. She whispered in my ear, I'm so horny, I wish you could eat me right here. That was the cue, off we hurried to the car, on the way home, she put her feet up on the dashboard, her skirt up around her hips, come on honey find me some truckers, wow what had me started, she was touching herself, I can still hear her, oooooh baby I cant wait, i'm gonna cum right now, and she really did, making a noise that I hadn't heard since the first years of our relationship. Needless to say, when we got home I ate her and fucked her t'ill neither of us could cum any more. Definitely high on the list of things we should do again very soon.(and yes her thong was very very wet) - James


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