Naked At Work

Naked At Work

Naked At Work - I work as a hostess at a restaurant near my house. Last month we had our summer staff party and they usually get pretty wild. My brother and his friends work there as well and most of us have known each other since high school. At the point in the party where everyone was smashed (about 1 hour into it LOL) my brother's friends dared me to get naked in the sink. It wasn't that unusual since most people were half naked already. I said, no but they threatened to tell everyone there about my past experience with them. I didn't want that at all and since they were drunk it was possible that they would break thier promise never to tell anyone. So I went in and they took a few pictures and all ended well. But you probably want to know what happened.

My brother practically caught me in the act with a couple of his friends. I remember when I was 21 and got pretty trashed on my 21st birthday, that my brother and a couple of his buddies had also gotten drunk and somehow we ended up at home at the same time together after both going out with our respective friends. As I recall I was wearing a dress, or maybe a blouse and skirt. I also know that I was wearing pantyhose. When my brother told his buddies that it was my 21st birthday, one of them had suggested that I should get a birthday spanking. My brother and his friends were several years older than me. I am pretty sure my brother dared them, and I was pulled over one of the guys laps, and my dress or skirt was pulled up and he started spanking me. Between the alcohol and the fact that I had pantyhose and panties on I wasn't really feeling too much pain. I do remember my pantyhose and panties being pulled down when they realize that I was not feeling the spanking. When they started cracking my bare ass, I'm pretty sure all the guys decided they would take their turn as well including my brother. After that, which seemed like forever, some of the guys had crashed but I seemed to have ended up giving them all blow-jobs!! - Jennifer



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