Nipple Slip Story

Nipple Slip Story

Nipple Slip Story - My wife is a hair stylist and was asked if she could assist in giving men "buzz cuts" at a local bar to raise money for breast cancer. They had set up a couple folding chairs just outside the bar next to the parking lot where she and another gal would take the sheers and trim away. Now it was a very hot day and my wife was wearing a tight low cut spaghetti stap top and she is a 36D. I noticed alot of the guys wanted to sit in her chair, it didn't take an Einstein to figure out why. Because they were folding chairs she was unabale to raise them up so she could do the job right and was bending over and rubbing those puppies on them and giving them a good eyeful of the goods! I was enjoying myself too then noticed two men behind me leaning against the wall having a beer and watching closely as she leaned over, her nipples were rock hard! Soon a friend of theirs joind them and right away says, "damn, now I see why you are standing here holy shit check out the titties!" I turned and looked at them and they were all fixated on the ever more exposing milk bubbles on my wife. Then one of the others replyed, "hey it's what we're here for in support of the boobs god bless them tits." One of the men that day even offered to donate 100 dollars to the cause if she would show the group her rack but she declined it was a mixed crowed but had it been inside I believe she would have, you know for the cause. Seeing and hearing the reactions and comments from the other men was quite the turn on, a friend that had a camera showed us a pick of my wife that day and her response was "my gosh my boobs were really showing!" I think from the sound of her voice she knew what would happen before we left the house that day. I am attatching one of my favorite pics of her for your site along with our story. - Mark



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