Nude Bowling

Nude Bowling

Nude Bowling Confession:

Lacy and Ben had been dating since highschool. After graduating, they both went to the same college and finished their degrees. When they had first started dating they had agreed to wait and save thier virginty for their wedding night. Now both age 22, and just newly married, they were making their way up the elevator from the reception to their room. "Ben, I can feel your hardon. Is my wedding dress turning you on" Lacy asked while she stroked his 4 in erect cock. "You know I've been waiting for this moment" Ben replied. Lacy began stroking him faster and harder, and Ben couldn't help but blow his load. "It's ok honey, I'm sure you'll be ready again by the time we get ot our room." But Ben knew he wouldn't, and was starting to get nervous. As they turned the corner, they saw 4 well build black studs just standing in the hall with their door open. The black men whistled as they walked closer, and one said to Lacy, "You wanna party with us tonight?" Ben stepped in and replied "she's not interested." "Well, we weren't asking you, and from the looks of it you're already done for the evening anyway."

The black men laughed at the cum stain in pants. Ben took a swing at one of the guys, but missed, and the was hit so hard in the jaw, all he could do was lay on the ground as the world spinned. "Come on baby. Come with us. We'll show you a good time." The way they had said it gave a tone that meant they weren't willing to take no for an answer. "Ok, but promise you wont hurt my husband anymore." "We dont give a damn about him." Some how the dominance of these guys was turning Lacy on and she could feel her p*ssy getting wet. The four black men lead Lacy into their room, and without a care left the door open. When Ben's senses started coming back he could see right into the room, and what he saw was his newly wed wife on in her garter belts, bra and veil, sucking the hugest c*ck he'd ever seen. Her mouth was as wide as she could open it, and it seemed she only had about half the c*ck in her mouth. She was sucking as best she could, but with the size, she had begun to drool. "Oh my god, I didn't know they could get so big." "Ha ha ha. Your man must have a pretty small dick. How big is it?" " 4, maybe 5 inches erect" she replied, as a roaring laugh echoed in the room.

Lacy put the tool back in her mouth, and began stroking two more. Ben tried to get up, but the hall span again, and he fell back down. Openning his eyes he saw his wife on all fours with a black man taking her from behind, ramming his c*ck in and out of her c*nt. She was moaning and loving every moment of it, but her moans were muffled by the c*ck that was f*cking her face. "Um yes, f*ck my white virgin pussy. I need a big c*ck" she said as she pulled her mouth free from the face f*cking. "O my god! O my god! I can feel you all the way inside me. Yes fill my p*ssy with black meat." The two men got turned Lacy over and started jerking off over her, and shot there loads all over her tits and face. Ben had noticed that her viel and wedding ring were also covered with cum. Ben got up cry, with the room spinning and made his way to his room, and fell on the bed waiting for his wife. About half an hour later Lacy walked into the room in shambles. "Ben are you ok?" In total shock Ben didn't know how to reply, and just layed there holding his head. "I'm not feeling well honey, I'm gonna go for a walk" Lacy told her husband as she patted him on the shoulder. She then proceeded back to her black stallions. About 20 minutes later Ben got the courage to go back to the room and see what she was really doing, but when he got there the door was closed. Even so, he could hear the men in there f*cking her ravagely and he could hear her screaming. "Look at this white b*tch take both our c*cks in her a*s and c*nt at the same time!" "Yes f*ck me any way you want. Use my hole for a cum dump please! God please do anything to me, I wanna cum again so bad!" Ben started crying again cause they had agreed on no anal, but here she was taking a c*ck in the butt like a prostitute. "No wait," she pleaded, "please dont pull it out, I want you in my a*s and p*ssy again. Please."

Ben couldn't take anymore and went back to his room where he passed out. When he woke up he went to the window and he saw his wife down by the pool, relaxing. When he turned around he saw a video tape on the counter with a note "Play me please". He put the tape in and there was his wife on tape playing with her p*ssy for the camera man. Ben fast forwarded it, and the scene jumped to her crawling around on the floor with a leash attached to her neck (fictional story, so dont ask where the leash came from). "Come on Lacy, come here and like the cum off the floor." "Yes master" she replied, and began licking the floor cum. "I'm a good girl and will do anything you want. She picked up a glass filled with cum and gulped it down. "Yummy, black seed taste so good. Can I have your c*ck now?" And with that the 4 studs began using her. F*cking her mouth, her p*ssy, and her a*s. Every thrust was followed by her moans. The studs had spanked her ass so much it was pink as her c*nt lips. "Spank my a*s while I suck this d*ck" she would say. The men moved back and forth from her p*ssy to her mouth to her a*s. "If my pussy is loose now, use my a*s, but please dont stop f*cking me" she begged. With that the man f*cking her a*s came inside her butt, and when he pulled out, cum dripped out of her like a flood. Taking a c*ck out of her mouth she turned to the man and said "hold on there master, you're not done yet." She took his cock in her mouth and bobed her head up and down while she worked her hand around the black meat. One guy got below her and shoved his cock in her p*ssy making her whine like a whore. Then she moan as another c*ck went in her a*s. Both guys f*cked her in perfect unison. Her eyes gazed over with lust as she began to scream to her next orgasm. But that didn't stop the two bulls from pounding away at her. But the torrent of cum that suddenly flooded her mouth made her gag, but her slut like reflexes allowed her to swallow it before it dripped out. Ben was lost, his dick was only 4 inches. He could never compete against one of those c*cks, and here there where 4 of them using her like a doll. Then his memory was jogged by the words he had also heard last night, "Look at this white b*tch take both our c*cks in her a*s and c*nt at the same time!" "Yes f*ck me any way you want. Use my hole for a cum dump please! God please do anything to me, I wanna cum again so bad! No wait, please dont pull it out, I want you in my a*s and p*ssy again. Please" Ben was about to find out what happened to his bride after he left. She begged "I'll like your cum off the floor again, or drink as much as you want. I already promised you can f*ck me anytime you want." More tears streaked across Ben's face as his bride promised herself to other men out of pure lust. "Turn over and spread your legs high in the air."

Lacy obeyed and had her legs up with her c*nt and a*s exposed. One of the guys handed her a wine bottle and said "here you know what to do." Without a moment of hesitation she began working the bottle in and out of her p*ssy and moaned as it easily went in and out. Turning over she rode the bottle and fingered her cl*t and a*ss to put on a show for the 4 guys. Suddenly a knock on the door interupted them and a security guard was telling them they had to leave cause of the noise. One of the studs opened the door and negotiate with the guard to let them stay if they let him f*ck Ben's wife. The guard wanted a blow job instead so he stepped in, and the took out his 3 inch erect white dick and Lacy began sucking his d*ck. Within 2 mins he had cum small dribbles on her face, buckled his pants and was on his way. The 4 studs then tied her hands to the bed post in doggy position and took turns f*cking her a*s and C*nt as they pleased. "Use my white p*ssy. F*ck me anytime you want. I'll always be your black c*ck slut" she would say. After each of them drilled her a few times and came all over her back and in her c*nt they untied her.

Lacy looked straight into the camera and said "Ben, from now on, only big black c*cks can satisfy me. We've all agreed that you can f*ck me, but you're little d*ck probably wont feel anything." Everyone started laughing and the tape ended, and Ben's marriage began.


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