Nude Female Athlete

Nude Female Athlete

Nude Female Athlete Confession:

I'm a twenty-four-year-old woman who just had her first one night stand two weeks ago. It happened when I went out with three of my best friends. We went to a club where we were having a great time drinking, dancing, flirting, and just generally mingling with the crowd there. About three hours later, I was so drunk that I didn't even realize that I was flirting with my best friend's fiancı on the dance floor. I had been grabbing his privates and was licking my lips in an inviting, sexual way. Although I was outright coming onto him, I had hoped that he would realize it was the alcohol acting up in me. I didn't really want him to respond back. Fortunately, the place was too crowded and the dance floor too dark for anyone else to see what I had done. When the song was finished, I decided to go to the restroom to cool off. I closed the stall and fanned myself as I had sweat pouring from my forehead. It was when I heard the sound of men's' voices and the sounds of them relieving themselves that I realized I had accidentally gone into the men's bathroom. I waited quietly and then tried to make a run for the door to get out. Just then I realized that I had left my purse in the stall. So, I grabbed it and headed out again quickly when my best friend's fiancı came in. You can imagine the horror on my face when I met him there. He just whipped it out and peed as if I wasn't even there. I couldn't help but to peek at him, and boy, he was huge! He asked if I wanted to get a feel, so I started to touch him. We started to get it on then until we ended up in the stall I had just run from. You can imagine what happened next. Yes, we had sex right there in the men's bathroom. It felt great. We were too drunk to care about the consequences. When we were finished, we just shook our heads, let out a smirk, and then left the bathroom at different times. We continued through the rest of the night as if nothing had happened. My other friends never even noticed we had been gone for our thirty minutes of heaven in the men's bathroom. -Maria, 24

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